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  1. Happy birthday. You haven't been around for ages - I hope you're okay.

  2. Hope your having a fantastic birthday KW love Jules x x x

  3. Happy Birthday! :balloons:

  4. Have a great birthday.:)

  5. Thank you very much....will PM my addy to you. Infact if you know about Bookcrossing she is registering the book on there (Jennyflower is her bookcrossing name). Also she has just joined our happy throng here too.

  6. Marvelous!!! thank you :) May I send you some bookmarks??? Message me your mailing addy.

  7. Just to say I thoroughly enjoyed A Season of Eden and passed it on to my niece, who also enjoyed it and she wants to pass it on a friend.

  8. Belated birthday wishes KW hope you had a fab day :)

  9. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day! :smile2:

  10. Happy Birthday! :balloons:

  11. Have a lovely day!!!! Happy Birthday!!

  12. Hope you're having a smashing birthday. :)