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  1. The Limerick Game

    A very large welder named Basil Had a voice like granite gravel
  2. Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie
  3. Word Association

  4. June's Around the World Book Challenge

    You're doing amazingly well, Talisman! Books on your list I've particularly enjoyed are Mr Pip, The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, Out of Africa, and anything non-fictional by Lillian Beckwith.
  5. The Limerick Game

    Hell's Bells!" came a shout from the church As poor Audrey was left in the lurch The groom did a bunk
  6. No, I really did enjoy it, Muggle. Thought the Book Women were amazing and very intrepid. Also found the background of the Blue Fugate people fascinating and very well researched. The odds that a French immigrant carrying the recessive gene would marry a Kentucky Hill woman carrying the same gene, are very remote, but that's what happened. The only criticism I have is that I felt Cussy Mary was at times almost too saintly. When you're going very short of food yourself, I think it would be very rare to give away ALL the food you were given. And some of the characters were a little inconsistent. But apart from that a most enjoyable read, and glad you enjoyed it too
  7. The Limerick Game

    One day a girl from Glenfinnan Married a duffer named Robbie MacKinnon... When asked to 'I do',
  8. The Limerick Game

    There once was giant rooster Wooed a chicken, and then seduced her He egged her on.... With a cheesy love song
  9. The Limerick Game

    There once was giant rooster Wooed a chicken, and then seduced her
  10. Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves ~ Cher
  11. The Limerick Game

    There once was a horse called Purple Whose profession it was to burgle Disguised as a mule
  12. The Limerick Game

    Whatever works for you, Raven
  13. Ain't No Way To Treat a Lady ~ Helen Reddy
  14. The Limerick Game

    Another way of explaining it is that there are three stressed beats on lines 1, 2 and 5. And two stressed beats on lines 3 and 4.
  15. The Limerick Game

    There once was a squirrel called Orange. Who lived under a sporange The spores made him sick And his head felt quite thick There's names for p... people like you
  16. The Limerick Game

    There once was a lad named Tony Had an aversion to matrimony
  17. The Limerick Game

    There once was a dog called Jack Sprat Who lived with a hen and a cat They shared an outhouse
  18. Just finished The Bookwoman Of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson. Very interesting novel based on the Blue Fugate people of Kentucky, who carried a very rare recessive gene that turned their skin blue and a group of mostly women who trekked over miles of rural areas to deliver reading material to the locals.
  19. The Limerick Game

    A woman from Surrey named Murray Is a funny name for a woman in a hurry When asked where she's from
  20. The Limerick Game

    An old man by the name of Magellan Ate a diet of lobster and melon Dyspepsia galore Muggle your rhythm was perfect and it's very easy to make a mistake with which lines to rhyme ... we all do it! Don't let one little mistake put you off. It's a fun game
  21. The Limerick Game

    We look to the old days of yore And the old ways of doing each chore With a mop in one hand
  22. The Limerick Game

    A solicitor named Benny Jerry Liked to dress as a hairy fairy When he dressed up in drag.... Went outside for a fag Got nabbed by the con-stab-u-lary Mud wrestling was Murgatroyd's favourite thing
  23. The Limerick Game

    A solicitor named Benny Jerry Liked to dress as a hairy fairy
  24. The Limerick Game

    There once was a lady called Maud Who was often found travelling abroad When she went to France She liked to belly dance
  25. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    I'm not at all artistic, Marie, but I attended a little local art group and she was teaching zentangles. It was quite surprising how much we improved with practice. If I tried them again now I'm sure they'd be hopeless But your monotangle is amazing! They're kind of like optical illusions.