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  1. Spent the better part of the last two weekends in the garden. Pure heaven. Put in two new beds, my bulbs are all comming up, planted some lovely clematis vines , a concord grape vine, pulled the ferns out from the cellar and cut them back. It's so pretty on my patio right now. Next weekend I'm starting to shop for annuals.



    clematis.jpg <--- clematis vine.

  2. Trying two new whites on this warm southern weekend


    1. Bubo 2005 Pinot Grigio.

    Wholefoods had it described as the perfect front porch sipper. And this is how I intend to use it too.


    2. Bianco 2005 Pinot Grigio

    This one is from my favorite California wine producer, Francis Copola. (maker of my favorite Claret.)

  3. Well don't keep it a secret. What did you buy. :)



    A case of Diamond Claret and a couple of nice cigars for my husband:smile2:


    Harris Teeter has a wine club Muggs, If you join your get % off on ... oh I can't remember exactly but it's something or other. I keep meanig to join. I'll let you know.

  4. One of the things about this book that I disliked was the sidetrack/foray into the cave. It seemed that there was no plot or character development during this portion of the tale and it really added nothing to the book.


    I do agree that the ending was unusual, but again I feel it missed it's potential to horrify.

  5. Perfume: a disapointment.


    What a great concept for a story. A man with an exquisite sense of smell, driven mad by it in fact, but with no smell of his own. I had high hopes for a gritty, and eerie story of murder and madness, with a touch of the historical; but alas this book failed to deliver. The plot was ill crafted, disjointed, and in some places - pointless filler. The denoument; an orgy with cannibalism to boot, how can you fail to horrify with that?....well Suskind did. The book is 255 pages and about 100 of them a pure extraneous crap and serve no means. Perhaps in the hands of a gifted editor this could become a great short story.....


    Not recomended.