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  1. Hi - in a similar vein is The Diving Bell and the Butterfly written by the editor-in-chief of a French magazine who had a massive stroke and was completely paralysed He was diagnosed with 'locked-in' syndrome where the only communication he could make was by blinking one of his eyes. He wrote the book by doing this. It's a concise but riveting read. Tammy
  2. The Hobbit film is great - highly recommend it. Usual prob tho, I spent most of the film trying to work out how true to the book it was and now I'm torn between re-reading the book or waiting til the other 2 come out so as not to spoil them for myself.

  3. I'm convinced that the questions on Celebrity Mastermind are easier than usual. I've therefore concluded that the only way I can win Mastermind is to become a celebrity.

    1. Chrissy


      They are a bit easier aren;t they? Go on then - get your celebrity status and give it a go. Are we thinking scandal or Oscar?

    2. Ben


      Definitely a bit easier.

    3. Devi


      Just remember us when you are rich and famous! ;)

  4. Watching UP - how come a simple opening sequence of an animated movie can bring a tear to my eye? What a soppy thing I am!

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    2. Chrissy


      I love 'Up' - I can't see a squirrel without chuckling. lol

    3. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      That opening montage is incredibly moving. Even when I saw it in 3D and was struggling with the glasses, lol!

    4. karen.d


      It is a very moving opening sequence, it's just a lovely film in general in my opinion.

  5. My mobile phone has gone AWOL :(

  6. Early start this morning.Off on the 7.30 train to see my folks on the Wirral "I don't care what the weather man says, if the weather man says it's raining" :)

    1. poppyshake


      He did say it was raining didn't he? :( Hope your journey went well, have fun.

  7. Back to work for one day tomorrow then weekend. Then one day of work New Years Eve then rest of the week off. Doesn't seem right.

    1. Chrissy


      But it does mean you can feel virtuous! Enjoy that one day if you can. : )

  8. Bored. Any suggestions?

    1. bobblybear


      Oddee.com It always keeps me entertained.

    2. Chrissy


      Read! Or are you the kind of bored I get sometimes where even a book won't entertain? : )

  9. People shouldn't go leaving around tins of Roses before Christmas dinner-resistance is futile.

  10. Hi!


    I'm fine - just had an afternoon off work! What about you?