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  1. yes diane! the "0" but I'm smiling nice av by the way!

  2. Maureen ,


    i got a lovely book for my birthday sent from london called loves me, loves me not, it was signed by carole matthews and she sent chocolates with the book

  3. I had a great time at my party but at home it wasn't so great

  4. thank you I did have a lovely party! I had a great time!

  5. Thank you for your mesage catwoman

  6. Thanks for the message! My birthday wasn't a happy one

  7. Iam good Janet, yesterday I went to see "Avatar" it was great

  8. thanks maureen! I'll be having a meal with my family

  9. thank you frankie!





  10. thank you charm!


    thanks for your lovely note

  11. I'm good Janet last night I met Frankie boyle! He was very nice to speak too

  12. Also Frankie's not all that scary! he's very nice to talk too

  13. Rach I see you're on facebook I hope you didn't mind I've put a request for you to be a friend

  14. hi Janet how are you today?

  15. I don't ask him he Just does it

  16. ok thanks! I thought he was talking about me! as Derren brown does cuddle me

  17. did you like my photo with derren brown?


    that was taken last may?


    Beef's comment upset me

  18. Do you recommend it?


    the one last movie I saw that gave me a tear in my eye was the life story of the designer co co channel

  19. how are you tonight!


    I got 2 movies yesterday afterday after going to see "The proposal " with sandra bullock


    the 2 movies I've not yet seen are "the notebook" and "17 again" as I love matthew perry!

  20. thank you for loving my av

  21. I'm having a great weekend watching "Yes man" on dvd! and visiting friends!

  22. hiya Charm!


    what do you think of my new av?