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  1. thank you charm, I'm ok, been better. still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Mark not sure I ever will but hopefully it will get easier.

  2. has just booked a holiday! ...12 weeks and counting :)

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    2. madcow


      I'm off to The Netherlands for a long weekend :)

    3. Nero


      Wow, never been there, have a great time :]

    4. shirleyz
  3. Glad you have had a lovely day anyway lol

  4. Happy birthday Pontalba hope your having a lovely day x

  5. Hope you have a lovely birthday x

  6. Happy birthday Univerze hope it's a good one x

  7. Hope you've had a lovely birthday x

  8. Happy birthday babes, hope you have a wonderful day, love you loads x x x

  9. Happy Birthday Paula, hope you've had a fantastic day x x x

  10. is off to Valkenberg...see you all at the weekend :)

  11. Just popped by to say happy birthday Sam, hope it's a good one x

  12. Hope you have a brill birthday Noll x x

  13. Hope you've had a fab birthday Mac x

  14. Happy birthday Nicola x

  15. Hope your having a great birthday Adam x

  16. Hope you've had a lovely birthday x

  17. Hope you've had a lovely birthday x

  18. Happy birthday Beef x

  19. Happy birthday Kenny x