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  1. Diane's Reading List - 2017

    'Reflection' by Diane Chamberlain 'Reflection'....a good title for this one. Rachel has returned to the town where a tragedy took place when she was teacher at the school and in a lot of folks eyes was blamed for what happened. She has returned to take care of her beloved grandmother, Helen, but she holds secrets of her own. Rachel's friend, Michael a Mennonite minister, becomes a big part of life once again. Helen, has the power to overturn a potential change in the community over the imminent destruction of a beloved part of the town, but she has always said she will never confess. Time for the past to catch up with her too. Time for change and putting to rights, wrongs that have been done. Truths come out which have been hidden since the tragedy, which was a good twist I thought. The writing seemed a little different to books I've read from this author before, but still enjoyable. 3/5
  2. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Saw Viceroy's House last week with friends. It was very good and I learned a bit about history I didn't know.
  3. Doubt if I will do that one.....I'm not being strict with this, if I think of something else to substitute with I will.
  4. Your Book Activity - March 2017

    It probably won't be soon Gaia...
  5. Just finished a Harris gin & tonic
  6. Your Book Activity - March 2017

    I met up with a fellow Bookcrosser today who happened to be in Aberdeen for something else. She had recently watched and read 'Chocolat' by Joanne Harris and happened to mention on Facebook wanting to read her other two in the series. I happened to mention that I had them lounging on a bookshelf waiting to find a new home, so we met for tea and scone and a blether and exchanged books. I picked up from her 'The Weight of Silence' by Heather Gudenkauf (new author, although her name seemed familiar but it appears I haven't read any of this author. Think I was getting the similarity between Diffenbaugh and Niffenegger...had that ring to it...)
  7. Athena's Reading List 2017

    Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed it Gaia. And yes I agree, very quick reads. Here other two books had a similar 'tea' type theme to them too, although that one had the added bonus of being in a nice warm background to it being on a Greek island. The other two books by Vanessa are:- 'The Seafront Tea Rooms' by Vanessa Greene 'The Vintage Teacup Club' by Vanessa Greene
  8. Athena's Reading List 2017

    You do like reading don't you....
  9. Your Book Activity - March 2017

    I started this book last year and I still haven't finished it. I hope you have more luck with it than I have Claire...not quite sure what it is, but almost like the story isn't going anywhere, despite them being on a floating library.... I'll get there eventually. I'm enjoying 'Reflection' a the moment, but then I always enjoy Diane Chamberlain reads...
  10. More football

    Raith Rovers.....new goalie...all is good...
  11. Hoorah....up to 5 now...and one ahead on my Goodreads bookie challenge...(although that won't last I'm sure )
  12. Your Book Activity - March 2017

    Oops....well it happens doesn't it...you go in to Waterstones just to browser...yeh right. Well I had a £5 voucher thingy in my purse to I bought a book. 'The Fire Child' by SK Tremayne (of The Ice Twins). Seems to be popular on Facebook bookie groups, so hoping it lives up to expectations.
  13. Diane's Reading List - 2017

    Yes...I've read 3....'The Vintage Teacup Club..... review and 'The Seafront Tea Rooms..... review I've enjoyed them all, nice, easy, quick reads for a bit of escapism.
  14. Diane's Reading List - 2017

    'The Beachside Guest House' by Vanessa Greene I've enjoyed all of Vanessa Greene's books and this was another easy enjoyable read. Bee and Rosa reminisce about a holiday they had with another friend Iona when they were teenagers, on the island of Paros. The two drifted apart from Iona, but want to try and rekindle the friendship. The 'windmill' comes up for sale and Rosa throws caution to the wind and decides to buy it...Bee eventually decides to join her when her upcoming wedding plans come to a halt. Iona is in a difficult relationship and is looking for a way out and eventually makes the escape to join her friends on Paros. This takes us on the journey of rekindled friendships and making new ones. Setting up a guest house business and it's trials and tribulations. Friendships of close friends and decisions about each of there futures, whether it be together or apart, each finds their own path eventually. 3/5
  15. Janet's Log - Stardate 2017

    I do like a nice cover...definitely pulls me towards a book, and that one is lovely, so simple but totally effective.
  16. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2017

    Jealous.... you three meeting up again.
  17. Chaliepud's 2017 Reading Log

    I liked 'Gold' and 'Midwives' (think I read this one twice, once my accident but good second time too). I can't remember much about 'Drowning Ruth', so obviously one that didn't make an impact.
  18. Diane's Reading List - 2017

    'Life After You' by Lucie Brownlee 'Life after you'....the title says it all really. Lucie, the author, husband dies suddenly at 37. She is left with their young daughter. Family and friends are there for support. This is a very honest and heart breaking account of how she coped and came to terms with losing him. It takes us through all the emotions of grief and that there is no set time limit on how we deal with such a dramatic loss. She tells it like it is and often put questions in my mind as to how I would cope if put in this situation, which could happen to any one of us at any time. Not entirely a cheerful read but then again life isn't always like that. This is a 'real life' memoir. 3/5
  19. Chaliepud's 2017 Reading Log

    I think I've read 3 out of your above list...Gold, Midwives, and Drowning Ruth. Good stash there...
  20. Thanks Claire. Having already added to the list I might even change some I don't think I'll manage to do if I think of something else for an idea.
  21. Hoorah...managed 3 so far, but I'm sure it will get more difficult.
  22. Diane's Reading List - 2017

    'The Black House' by Peter May This is a new author for me, but I bought my hubby this trilogy a few years ago and he enjoyed them and said worth a read. He was right I did enjoy it. It is a bit of a bleak read, but involves past and present chapters. I did wonder where it was all going at one point, but found it a page turner. Fin takes us on a journey through a difficult childhood, his friendships with Artair and Marsaili. Born on Lewis, he now returns as a Detective Inspector to investigate a murder, possibly related to one of similar description in Edinburgh. It can be a bit of a gloomy read but such is the setting for how the plot plays out. A well researched book about the tradition of going to 'An Ageir' for the birds....but what is the connection with the murder of 'Angel' Macritchie? Truths and secrets unfold in this gripping crime novel, but there is more to it, coming of age, first loves, friendships made and lost. I look forward to reading the other two 'The Lewis Man' and 'The Chess Men'. 4/5
  23. New companion trilogy from Philip Pullman

    I've only ever read the first one...
  24. A lovely Boe gin with tonic and lemon...
  25. Poppyshake's Reading Year 2017

    Oh how lovely you did something pretty with the card Kay....thank you.