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  1. Stop! In the Name of Love - The Supremes
  2. Muggle Not's Reading - 2022

    Thanks, I do enjoy the Beverly Brook character. She adds a lot to the story. You hit the nail on the head. Raymond Chandler's books are easy to settle into. The more of his works I read the more I enjoy them. I love his phrasing from the 40's. The current book "Sisters" is really good so far.
  3. On the Sunny Side of the Street - Louis Armstrong
  4. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Currently reading Little Sister by Raymond Chandler. The book is starting out very good. The prose in this book is outstanding. this will be the 5th book of Chandler's that I have read and I continue to be impressed by his writing. One of the excellent writers of the Century. I will be sad when I finish reading all his books.
  5. Muggle Not's Reading - 2022

    13. Midnight Riot (Book 1 of Rivers of London series) - Ben Aaronovitch - 4/5 - Good read. I very much enjoyed the book, especially Beverly Brook. She is an interesting character. I hope there is more of her in future books.
  6. Side by Side - Kay Starr
  7. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Yes, I have read all of Arden's books except book 4 of this series. The Winternight Trilogy was by far her best books. I think it will be tough for her to achieve the same level in future writings, but I may be wrong.
  8. Poor Side of Town - Johnny Rivers
  9. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    How did Dark Waters turn out for you?
  10. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    My vegetable garden is all planted: 4 Better Boy tomato plants, 4 Big Beef tomato plants, 1 Early Girl tomato plant, & 1 German Johnson tomato plant (a Heirloom) 2 Husky cherry tomato plants & 1 grape Tomato plant 2 Bell Pepper plants, 2 jalapeno Pepper plants, 1 Sweet Banana Pepper plant, & 1 Habanero Pepper plant Spinach, Lettuce, Radishes, Spring Onions, and Cucumbers. The Spinach and Lettuce can start to be harvested in small quantities. Radishes and Spring Onions very soon. I am anxious for spinach salad with fresh strawberries in it. Strawberries are in season and I just bought a bucket at a strawberry farm.
  11. Your Book Activity April 2022

    Amazon.com: Midnight Riot (Rivers of London Book 1) eBook : Aaronovitch, Ben: Books
  12. Sailor Boy - The Cliftons
  13. Your Book Activity April 2022

    I am currently reading Midnight Riot (book 1 of the Rivers of London series). I am about 50% into the book and am enjoying it.
  14. Hello from Ireland

    Good to see another fan of Karin Slaughter. I have read all of her books. Call of the Wild and Pride and Prejudice are both excellent books. You have read some good stuff. May I suggest some of John Steinbeck's books (I am prejudiced as he is probably my favorite author). Anyhow, welcome aboard!
  15. Son of a Son of a Sailor - Jimmy Buffett