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  1. Wimbledon is interfering with my reading!!

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    2. poppyshake


      Me too .. and it wasn't going all that well before :)

    3. Booknutt


      You could always read books about tennis in the intervals, Janet!

    4. poppy


      You'd think they'd have a bit more consideration!! :D

  2. Oh, mojo - where art thou? :(

    1. Chrissy


      Tis abroad with mine, m'lady. : D

  3. Must. Stop. Playing. Draw. Something...

    1. Michelle


      I've been forced to by being at work. It's addictive, isn't it!?

    2. Janet


      It is! I'm not very good at drawing but I love it! :D


  4. Happy birthday, Kelly - hope your day is a good 'un! xXx

  5. Happy birthday, Michelle - hope you have a great day xXx

  6. RIP, Davy Jones :(

    1. Inver


      Sad news Janet isn't it..just reminds me of being young...can't get the theme tune out of my head now.

    2. SueK


      Very sad. I used to have his poster plastered over my bedroom wall!!

    3. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      RIP Davy. Hope you caught the last train to Clarkesville.

  7. Happy birthday, lovely Kay. I hope you're having a fantastic book-filled day (and if I know anything about your husband you will be!) xXx

  8. *HUGS BOARD* That was the longest 24 hours of my life! LOL - BCF and BCFers - how I've missed you! x

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    2. Chrissy


      Nah, I only got one little visit in the last 36 hours!

    3. Inver


      Did somebody say party....hands round drinkies...lol

    4. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      Science fiction! Science fiction! <<sticks tongue out at Chrissy>>

  9. Happy birthay - I'm so sorry I missed it. :( xXx Hope you had a great day.

  10. Happy new year, everyone. BCFers are the best! Here's to a great 2012 xXx

  11. 3am how I hate thee! Roll on home time!

    1. Chrissy


      The only reason I'm ever up at 3 am is bladder related! :P

    2. Janet


      LOL!! Only just seen this!!

  12. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

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    2. poppyshake


      Deep breaths Janet :)

    3. Janet


      Hehe - sorry guys. I was a tad stressed! I've sorted it now! :D

    4. Inver


      Thought you had got tangled up in your wrapping....lol


  13. Happy birthday - hope you're having a brilliant day! x

  14. Happy birthday, Noll - hope your birthday is made of awesome. x X x

  15. Janet

    Happy birthday, Mac. Hope you're okay. :)

  16. Went to see The Help tonight. :D

    1. Weave


      Did you enjoy it Janet? :)

    2. poppyshake
    3. Janet


      Sorry guys - missed these comments. It was fantastic - I'd like to go and see it again!

  17. Happy birthday. We haven't seen you for a while - hope all is well. x

  18. Happy birthday - have a great day. :)

  19. Don't forget to put your clocks BACK an hour tonight if you're in the UK! (Maybe in other countries too?)

    1. poppyshake


      Thanks for that Janet .. I didn't know it was that time already.

    2. Janet


      I have to get up at 5am tomorrow - which will really be 6am, so I always look out for this weekend! I always book the other one (when they go forwards and we lose an hour) off!


    3. ~Andrea~


      I forgot - but my cat woke me up anyway. Her tummy didn't know breakfast time had moved an hour :)

  20. Thanks, Michelle. I hope your friend gets through whatever she's struggling with. I'm sure she's very grateful for your support. xx

  21. I think the main difference with the shoes was that there were slightly 'platformed' at the front, and therefore made her taller. I don't think they were quite as plastic-y looking, either.

    I hope you get to see the Pride and Prejudice one - it's been my favourite of this season so far. :) xx

  22. Hi Michelle. Thanks for the message. I've feel really rough today but I actually feel a lot better this evening, so hopefully the cold is on its way out!

    How are things with you? :)

  23. Sorry to whinge but I feel awful today. I'm full of cold. :(

    I love DTTB - it's one of my guilty pleasures! I loved the recent Pride and Prejudice one - the groom was amazing and so lovely!

    I hope last night's couple stay the distance. He was so immature, although they definitely loved each other! Good stuff.

    How are you? xx

  24. Hi Genevieve. I hope life is treating you well. Hope to see you again one day. xx

  25. Nothing beats a bit of heavy metal whacked up nice and loud!!

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