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  1. 5 A levels?! Well done you! :)

    I'm good, thanks. My son did well at his GCSEs but since I posted he's got an apprenticeship which he loves. Nice to hear from you. x

  2. Hi Lady Macbeth - just passing through and wondering how you're doing? Hope you're okay and not too tired. (I presume you haven't had the baby yet - sorry if I've missed a post about it. :)

  3. I'm good, thanks - hope you are too. x

  4. Hi Paula. I don't seem to have spoken to you for ages. I hope you're okay, hun. xx

  5. You need 10 posts before the PM system works.

  6. Off to the land of cheap tea and cakes. And daffodils and leeks. And Uncle Bryn!

    1. Roland Butter
    2. Janet


      Haha - thanks! We were really lucky with the weather - Saturday it rained whilst we were having dinner, and yesterday just for an hour or so before I came home!

    3. julie


      Hi Janet

      Is it ok to add you as a friend ? I already did,so hope I'm not breaking the rules .

  7. Went to Stourhead today - the home of the Amazing Horse!!

    1. Janet


      It's a cartoon song - it's a bit rude! If you're not too easily offended and Google Amazing Horse, you should find it - it's really catchy. It's a favourite of frankie and Chrissy too!

    2. Janet


      The background of the cartoon is based on Stourhead!


    3. pickle


      Thats brilliant I have seen it before but never recognised the back ground :-0


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  8. My son was offered an apprenticeship today. :D

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    2. Inver


      Sounds ideal Janet. Wonder what my Kenny will end up doing. He did tech studies Standard Grade and has picked up Product Design this year at Higher...this is his last year.

    3. poppyshake


      Many congratulations to your son Janet .. exciting times for him. Awww your baby's all grown up now :-)

    4. frankie


      Congratulations Janet!! :) That's excellent news :)


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  9. Hi Tiger, how are you? I think you're the same age as my Luke and so must be getting your GCSE results soon? Good luck. :) Are you going into sixth form?

  10. Happy birthday, LMB - have a good day. :)

  11. Janet

    Happy birthday, Ben - have a good day. :)

  12. Harry Potter tomorrow - can't wait!

    1. Ben
    2. poppyshake


      Hope you enjoy it Janet

    3. Janet


      Thanks, guys - it was AWESOME!


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  13. Happy birthday, Heather. I hope you have a great day. :)

  14. Janet

    Happy birthday, Nici - I hope your day is made of awesome! :D


  15. Belated happy birthday - I hope you had a good day. :)

  16. Belated happy birthday, Vladd. Hope you had a good day.

  17. D'oh - I did Facebook this morning but forgot to say it here... Happy Birthday, Stephanie. x

  18. Not bad, thanks. :) Only I fell asleep on the sofa watching Miss Marple, and now that it's bedtime I'm wide awake. Fail! Hope the packing is going well. xx

  19. I am notoriously bad at checking the calendar (as last year's comment will confirm! so, belated happy birthday for Monday. :)

  20. Belated happy birthday - I hope you had a good day. :)

  21. Happy birthday, Laura - hope you're having a brilliant day. xx

  22. Loving the name change, hun! xx

  23. Happy birthday, Julia - have a great day. x

  24. I got taken out for lunch today by my husband! Have a lovely meal. xx