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  1. Your Book Activity - August 2015

    Nearly finished Richard Kerridge's Cold Blood- excellent book! Reaffirmed by love of reptiles and amphibians, and was interesting to read it as a sort of memoir of how the author came to be so obsessed with them. Next up is The Sea Inside Us by Philip Hoare. This one's a re-read from about two years ago, and I remember enjoying it, so looking forward to starting that tomorrow!
  2. What Are You Watching Now? - 2015

    Spent about four hours today watching Thunderbirds (classic and the new CGI one). Classic is better, but they're both FAB
  3. Your Book Activity - August 2015

    Went to Waterstones while in Canterbury... I bought: Ivory, Apes and Peacocks- Alan Root Ring of Bright Water- Gavin Maxwell (centenary edition) Wanted to read both for ages, but never been able to find copies!
  4. Harry Potter Books by J. K. Rowling

    Some of the art covers on that article are beautiful, too!
  5. Your Book Activity - June 2015

    Read 80 pages of What Nature Does For Britain by Tony Juniper- excellent stuff
  6. Forum looks beautiful! Thank you Athena and your boyfriend! :D

    1. Athena


      Thank you Tiger :D!

  7. What's Up in June? 2015

    Hope your appointments went well, Muggle! Oh no, hope your car problems get sorted, Peacefield. I'm glad you had fun in the north though! Just been tidying my room today- you can almost see the floor now! Also going to the doctors again tomorrow for some blood work, then when that's done I'm hoping to go to Pegwell Bay (a lovely nature reserve about twenty miles from where we live) to do some photography. Then on Saturday we're going to Hastings to see my grandmother, and on Sunday got a day volunteering at the zoo, before going for a break in Cornwall for a few days. Hope everyone's well- loving the new forum design!
  8. What's Up in June? 2015

    Hello, Echo! Long time no see, hope you're okay! Been quite a quiet day of reading, tackling my room (there's so much stuff I bought back from uni it's probably going to take a few more days!), being with my cats, and my Marine Conservation Society hoody finally arrived- it's so comfortable! Also going to be seeing a sixth form friend, tomorrow- haven't seen him since April, so it'll be nice. Hope everyone is well!
  9. What's Up in June? 2015

    Loving the vid, June! And good luck, Noll! I swore I wasn't going to get into Supernatural, but, erm... I think I've found a new addiction. Oops. I guess that's what the summer holidays does Been up on the cliffs these last two days to get some fresh air and to take some photos (haven't got round to uploading them to my laptop, though). I'm also seeing someone who I've been friends with for sixteen years tomorrow- I've missed her so much and can't wait to see her! Also seeing a sixth form friend on Friday, and got a few other meet-ups with old friends planned. Also going back to the zoo at the weekend, too, which'll be great. Off for a beautiful soak in the bath with a beautiful Lush bubble bar!
  10. Hello everyone

    Hello, welcome aboard!
  11. Your Book Activity - June 2015

    Ah that's lovely! Frogs are incredible animals. It's a really good book, would thoroughly recommend to everyone! You'll enjoy it.
  12. What's for Dinner?

    Was a tad naughty and decided to make breaded Southern-style tofu goujons and shallow-fried them and served them with chips. So a vegan KFC!
  13. What's Up in June? 2015

    I'm very sorry to hear that, Noll Thoughts are with you, take care xxx
  14. Your Book Activity - June 2015

    Never did start H is for Hawk, as much as I wanted to. I had to spend a couple of hours by myself in town and on impulse bought Elizabeth Kolbert's The Sixth Extinction. In Costa, I only intended to read a few pages to see what it was like, but ended up reading 60 pages as it's so gripping (would have read more but had to leave)! It started off by talking about amphibians disappearing at unprecedented levels, and as frogs are one of my favourites and would love to work in their conservation, I was hooked. Looks like it's going to be a very good book!