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  1. Hi, MORE book buying !!!!! this xmas prezzie thing is just an excuse !!! lol Hope that you've hidden them well from Dave ! :D

  2. Hi susan, how are you ? I see you had a book buying madness the other day !!!! Glad to see you got Dave something !! ;);)

  3. I thought that too when I Joined

  4. :readingtwo:They are a great bunch here, you will end up with loads more books for you TBR pile !!:readingtwo:

  5. Hi, this is definitely my kind of booksite!

  6. :DThankyou! This is definitely my kind of booksite!

  7. Hi Susan, hope you enjoy it here. After 10 posts you can do much more. 100 posts and you can join in with the debating room. Look foreward to seeing you around the board. :welcome2:

  8. :welcomeboard:


    hello and welcome to the book club!


    I hope you'll be happy with your stay with us all!