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      Going on a Summer Holiday (Sort Of...)     The summer giveaway for Patreon supporters is finally here and this time we're doing something a little bit different. I want supporters to tell me where you would go on holiday, if you could go anywhere. The winner will receive a bookish prize based on their answer!   Terms and conditions are as usual. Patreon supporters will be automatically entered into the giveaway and selected at random. As we're a little late this year the draw will be held on the second weekend of September. If you aren't currently a supporter but want to be involved in the giveaway you can sign up to support us here:   https://www.patreon.com/bookclubforum  


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Status Updates posted by Angel

  1. Angel

    Ben - hope tour Mum is getting better

  2. Happy birthday - have a great day Paula

  3. We've just got back from Devon - we had a fantastic week away. Hope you are well

  4. Angel

    Happy birthday Mia - have a great day :hbsign:

  5. Happy birthday - I can't believe my little girl is 15 :D. Hope you are enjoying your day

  6. Glad you enjoyed it - I certainly did. Love you too xx

  7. :friends0:You're more than welcome

  8. Tiger and I are fine - going to Cornwall on Friday. Hope you are well

  9. Angel

    Happy belated birthday . Glad you had a good day

  10. Happy birthday - hope you're having a great day

  11. thank you. Hope you are well ! Tiger is exhausted as she took some GCSE Science modules today and she has been working flat out to get her predicted A's. I'm not too bad at the mo - be glad when winter is over -it's gone on forever!!!

  12. Hope you are ok following the funeral x

  13. Good luck with the interview tomorrow

  14. Hi Diane - we're good thank you - fed up with this weather. Tiger is well and she's really busy at school - just gone into year 10. Hope you are well. How's the family?

  15. Sorry to hear about your loss - hope the rest os the family are coping

  16. Hi Paula. I'm fine - worked off my feet with this new matron's post though!! Hope you are good - Happy New Year to you. Hope the family are well xx

  17. Happy birthday - hope you are having a great day

  18. Happy (belated) birthday greetings. :hbsign::balloons:

  19. :friends0:I'm so dreadfully sorry to hear your news. The loss of a child within a family is so hard. XX

  20. Happy birthday - hope it's a good one :hbsign:

  21. thank you - i had a lovely day

  22. Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes :D

  23. thank you for your birthday wishes :D

  24. Thank you for your birthday wishes :)

  25. Thanks Maureen - I've had a great day