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  1. We discussed this before, but with so many new members on board, I thought we could get some new insights. Do you prefer Hardbacks or paperbacks? Why?
  2. Happy birthday Michelle x

  3. Summer...soon :)

    1. Chrissy


      The rain here means it must be summer soon!

    2. pickle


      where...where have I missed it because it sure looks and feels Autumnal out there today :-)

  4. Happy birthday Noll xxxxxxx

  5. Happy birthday dear Kell :) xxx

  6. My friends treated me to a massage at the spa and a lovely meal:) They're simply the best!

    1. frankie


      That sounds absolutely fabulous, you have great friends :)


    2. Janet


      Sounds lovely, Maureen. x


  7. I feel exhausted! Been working tooooo hard lately.

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    2. Chrissy


      To counter your overworking, you have to over relax instead! ;)

    3. Maureen


      Lol Chrissy - there's no such thing! It is always just enough :)

    4. shirleyz


      hey! don't work too hard!

  8. I'm really looking forward to my four-day week end :)

    1. shirleyz
    2. Chrissy


      When they come up with a 7 day weekend I'll be happier!

    3. Maureen


      It is now over :( another week's work...

  9. Just popping by to say hi :)

  10. Kiitos Hyvaa :) www.finland.fi

  11. Hey I learnt a Finnish phrase too! Mita Kuuluu? :)

  12. Yes. I've never been to Finland, and most pictures I see of Finland show snow or lakes. (taken for the wow effect) I wanted to see a normal everyday picture. :)

  13. Frankie, is that where you live which I can see in the profile picture?

  14. Happy Birthday Michelle! XXX Hope you have a terrific day.

  15. April's Reading Circle Book Poll is up!

    1. shirleyz


      decisions, decisions...

  16. Hi Skirnir, how've you been?

  17. Hi Sara. Just popped by to say hi xx

  18. Just visiting to say hi xx

  19. Hi Karsa, that's kind to the hands but you do not need to cover all of yourself in it. :)

  20. Happy Valentine's Day everyone xx

  21. He reads in bits and spurts I think. One week it is avid reading, the next it is PSP, or DS.

  22. Bugger! I have a cold :(

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    2. SueK


      Keep warm Maureen - hope you feel better soon.

    3. bookworm44


      Hope you feel better soon =)

    4. Maureen
  23. Hi Genevieve, merci beaucoup for the nice comments. :)

  24. I'm back.....

    1. Chrissy


      Uh Oh! (teehee)

      Hey you, about blooming time!

    2. Janet


      Welcome home. x

    3. shirleyz