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  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mau. Big Hugs XXXXX

  2. You were here! You were here! How wonderful. Big huggles to you K & P. XXX

  3. Happy birthday Michelle x

  4. Hello Lovely. How are things? Hope all is good with you. X

  5. Summer...soon :)

    1. Chrissy


      The rain here means it must be summer soon!

    2. pickle


      where...where have I missed it because it sure looks and feels Autumnal out there today :-)

  6. Hiya...thanks for popping in to say hello 8)

  7. Happy birthday Noll xxxxxxx

  8. Happy birthday dear Kell :) xxx

  9. My friends treated me to a massage at the spa and a lovely meal:) They're simply the best!

    1. frankie


      That sounds absolutely fabulous, you have great friends :)


    2. Janet


      Sounds lovely, Maureen. x


  10. I feel exhausted! Been working tooooo hard lately.

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    2. Chrissy


      To counter your overworking, you have to over relax instead! ;)

    3. Maureen


      Lol Chrissy - there's no such thing! It is always just enough :)

    4. shirleyz


      hey! don't work too hard!

  11. I'm really looking forward to my four-day week end :)

    1. shirleyz
    2. Chrissy


      When they come up with a 7 day weekend I'll be happier!

    3. Maureen


      It is now over :( another week's work...

  12. Hi Maureen, how are you? :) I like your profile background :)

  13. Just popping by to say hi :)

  14. Kiitos Hyvaa :) www.finland.fi