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  1. Detective novels recommendation!

    I like the Inspector Gamache series written by Louise Penny. Gamache reminds me a bit of Poirot.
  2. Need Book Suggestions

    I will definitely check those out! I love sad! Need something different after Flesh Gothic - it's rather ick.
  3. Need Book Suggestions

    Once Upon A River by Diane Setterfield. The prose in this book is like poetry. It takes a bit to get going, but stick with it, it's definitely worth it.
  4. OMG YES! Irish horses are very, very gorgeous! Trust me - I live in Kentucky, land of other gorgeous horses!
  5. I'm starting to worry about early onset Alzheimers. My memory is shot. You are absolutely right and I owe you again big time! That has to be the one although I have limited time to read today. Have someone coming to fix the furnace and it's Kentucky Oaks day in Louisville. I have a serious love/hate affair with horse racing. I see you're from Ireland which is absolutely beautiful. Is there something in the water that makes all the Irish horses so gorgeous? Because they are. Promise to get back to you about the book.
  6. Jeanette's Books

    Just in case.
  7. What I've Read In May The one good thing about being retired is I get to read. Not a big TV fan unless it's sports. The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer [Nonfiction, Mountain Climbing] Trapped by J.A. Konrath [Fiction, Horror, Published edition] The Mariana Trench by Matt Shaw [Fiction, Horror] My Old Kentucky Home by Emily Bingham [Nonfiction, History] Under Her Care by Lucinda Berry [Thriller] Bittersweet by Susan Cain [Nonfiction, Melancholia]
  8. Yes that was the book. Finished the published edition and it was just as gross and horrifying as I remember. Now I have before me the unpublished version that the publishers didn't like but that the author tacked on because he liked it better. Not quite up to reading the same thing back to back so I started on Endurance and am rather disappointed. The haunted house with crazed hillbillies in West Virginia (or Kentucky where I live) is such an old trope I don't think I will finish it. But I am looking for another book LOL. This one really makes me mad because I had it now I can't find it. Matt Shaw. People are killed in a mansion that supposedly opens a portal to the devil or hell. Psychic investigators are hired by the widow to check out the place. What happens - if I remember correctly is creepy and horrifying. I would be eternally grateful for help. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go out and buy a bottle of Prevagen. Thanks!
  9. OMG I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I DO have that book, will check it immediately! And thank you also for saving me from reading a bunch of Matt Shaw's new stuff. I think he's trying to get away from all the gore and sex but he's not doing it very well.
  10. Hello all! I am new here but I love to read and at my age, 63, I have read a lot! I am searching for a book I read - of course I don't know the title or the author and I only know a snippet about the plot. But I would be incredibly grateful if anyone could help. It's an extreme horror novel. The protagonist is escaping from somewhere or trying to track someone down. He enters a cave (or a compound) and is hiding. One room he bursts into has a limbless man that is being kept as a "pet." (Also tongueless I think.) I have checked all my Edward Lee and Matt Shaw books - flipped through them - but can't find this. It's driving me mad! PLEASE help? PS - I do read other things than extreme horror, just so you know I'm not some deviant.