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  1. Hi all. I've been a long time fan of Bernard Cornwall and his Sharpe series of books, (well, all of his books really). I like that he researches real historical events and then inserts a fictional character to tell the story. So you get a wonderful blend of fact and fiction with a good amount of action along the way. My question is: Are there any other authors that do a similar thing, but in a more recent time period like WW1 or WW2? I've already read a lot of Wilbur Smiths works, but he is more general with his history events, where as Cornwall would meticulously research a battle (e.g. Waterloo) and tell exactly what happened but with Sharpe plonked into the middle of it. Smith more just tells his own story that happens to have historical events happen around his characters. Anyway, hope I haven't rambled on too much and I'm looking forwards to some recommendations. Thanks Al