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  1. Your Book Activity - July 2021

    Hi all Saw the post and thought I'll post myself I've just started to read We Have Alway Been Here by Lena Nguyen I'm only on chapter 3 started it Friday I think and so far it's OK it's set in space and this person is shrink on some space ship thing with other humans and androids so far it's OK not really got into yet but when I'll finish I'll lets you know and if you want to get a copy then see what you you think I don't generally review books if it's something I've read and I love then yeah ill say a few things Hope you are all good
  2. Hi all I've just started to read "We have have always been here" by Lena Nguyen Its like a space type book thing which I enjoy I read a few others set in this area along ago and loves them so far it's just starting I'm only in chapter 2 I think so hopefully something good will happen like a clown jumping out of the oven I mean who on this earth would expect that?? I was looking for the digital version but it was expensive as h*ll the actual hardback was cheaper and easy to find via an online shop thing (can't name for legal) erm as I said I've just started this book and so far we'll see how it goes if you've read it let me know with out spoilers. When I'm done reading reading I'll try update the posts and tell you what I think I'll give the book of a bit of a review thing and tell you what I thought about it I do like space books set on some old abandoned places or station and some scarey people walk about offering cups of tea.... OK that was just a laugh but the whole abandoned thing that's real. OK thanks
  3. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    1984 is one bit of classic it's an absolutely amazing thing to read even though we aren't really in that time frame but it's very close alot of it almost now we could actually be living in that universe and not even know it what if Orwell was trying to tell us with out a trip to some place and your never seen again thing
  4. Help with a topic

    Yeah I found the terms a while ago thanks everyone for your help much love
  5. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    That's very deep you know I loved that book I got 3 copy's of it one paper back one digital and one hard back I think it's absolutely amazing book and the views Orwell was talking about we are basically there know there's no where private social medias have seen by everyone you walk down the road to the shop and your on cctv police cars go past and they might look your way the book is fiction but really it's not you hear about them people who live off the gride and some think is what they doing right or wrong
  6. Help with a topic

    Does anyone know how to contact the company who run this site I have a question and well they might me able to help me or if you the answer please let me know My question is My brother has wrote 3 books himself and I was wondering if we can advertise on this site for sales of the books we have listings on ebay and our website we only take PayPal If you know please let me know thanks
  7. Graphic Novel/Trade Paperback Storage Help

    I collect a lot of graphic novels and comics have you thought about the things that comic books shops use the plastic bag thing and the thin cardboard thing in the back you use electrical type to seal and then if you wish to keep it for ever it might stay safe for as long as possible graphic novel what I done was use an folder wallet but the graphics novel into that it depends on how thick the graphics novels are try that and see if that helps
  8. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    Hmm I might look online for them and check out what you mean but if it came down to it which time would you want the current one or the orwell's me as much as we've not got much difference we are tracked by websites and all such check our what Madeleine at the top posted she got it spot on even know I'm currently thinking about it
  9. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    He would turn over in his grave in my opinion. I read roll of thunder hear my cry in high school years ago I would loved to have read that in English class I could have done my course work around it
  10. V for vendetta graphic novel

    Yeah people seem to forget that alot well when the movie first came out I didn't know it was based on an graphic novel then again I was about 12 maybe I think
  11. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    Hey folks Let me ask you about 1984 by George Orwell what's your thoughts I read 1984 and I loved it because people these day say we aren't free but I say if we was in that world (1984) we would beg for this world. I've read it a few times and each time I think to things such as would it be worse living here and now or then again I never know what one is the better one. Something I also don't understand is how comes in some schools such as the USA they read 1984 for English classes but we don't here (well I didn't) that book is about an alternative time and London England is where its based I just done understand it. So after reading this what's your thoughts to 1984 because I think it's a classic and I have 4 copies of it 2 paper back one hard back and one digital So get in touch and let me know what your thoughts are about 1984 Much love Shadow c/o noemergencyexit
  12. Best Horror Authors?

    Hmm Interesting list but Clive barker can I ask why?? I read Hellbound heart and the scarlet gospels but that took too much out of me I read it about 4 times I read some got bored read some got bored then decided ill finish it by hook or crook (yes that's an saying I know hellriser used hooks) Would love to know why you chose him
  13. Best Horror Authors?

    Hi all I'm new to the site so let's see Erm aside from Stephen King (my favourite) he's one of the best in the business I've got loads of his books and I love them all when I'm out if I see any I buy them for a modern author King is the best But dead Edgar Allen Poe He was fantastic I love each work my brother is a writer same as me and he wrote 2 bits called Cold Ravens and he dictated them both to Poe not a attack thing but a love and thanks for the raven thing Not sure if anyone has said anything about Poe if so please let me know and if not Poe is cool
  14. V for vendetta graphic novel

    Hi this is my first post and well let's see what people think Have anyone here read V for Vendetta graphic novel?? I've read it a few times and I read it only a few months back as they had an museum event with the v for vendetta graphic novel. It wasn't all that the advert is what got me interested in the event they said they had the original outfit worn in the movie... It was a prototype thing it wasn't all that I spent the day travelling to it and it wasn't all that to me. I did love that graphic novel I brought the black edition one to keep sealed and loved I like to collect comics and graphic novels too So come and tell me what you think about it