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  1. Hello, Raven And thanks for the response. I'll definitely give those a try. I've already read a book from Discworld series - Pyramids. Although it is interesting read I find Vixen's sense of humor wittier. I know that Pratchett is a famous name but I felt kinda lost in the storyline while reading it. Thanks again, I hope more people will share their opinion on the topic.
  2. I received "Embers Rise" from Sophia Vixen as a gift. I like Harry Potter series and I hardly find something interesting so I was skeptical for this one. After I finally read it, I may say it is an excellent book. It has an absorbing story and the author definitely has a compelling style and very witty sense of humor. I searched for other books from this author but I did not find any. I hope there actually are some more. If someone knows any books that are similar to “Embers Rise” please share them here. Thanks!