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  1. I'd recommend you to look at Neil Gaiman's books really breathtaking!
  2. Long Time, No See.

    Hi there! why did you leave BGO?
  3. Hello from a newbie

    what are you guys reading currently?
  4. Hello from a newbie

    oh, I love a lot. It really hard to make a top 5 list, haha But I'd say Jane Austin, Neil Gaiman and Harper Lee are my favorite authors
  5. Currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman better than the TV-show, haha
  6. Hello from a newbie

    Hi everyone, I'm Katrina Vancouver-based editor and copywriter at a digital marketing agency. English-German translator. But most importantly, book lover. I've been lurking around for quite a long time and finally decided to join. Looking for a creative and positive community to discuss books and literature in general.