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  1. The Limerick Game

    A diet of chocolate and cheese Caused Rodney to expand at the knees
  2. The Limerick Game

    There once was a chap from Wetwang Whose farts made a sound that fair sang... When a small one let off In his trousers he coughed And the scent took control of the land A pirate's parrot named Polly St Butty
  3. It's a Long Way to the Top (if You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) - AC/DC
  4. I've read 14 of them and half of two more (Moby Dick and The Master and Margarita... got bored.). Because their classics I read them all years ago when classics is all I read so have only vague memories. I remember enjoying Call of the Wild but then being disappointed to discover that London was a bit of notorious plagiarist. Still don't get the fuss about Great Gatsby. 🤔 Especially given Murakami clearly adored it in Norwegian Wood.
  5. The Limerick Game

    I like to put beans in my ears Whenever aunt Margaret appears She swears a storm, For it's very bad form As she's worked at the Heinz factory for years There once was a chap from Wetwang
  6. The Limerick Game

    I like to put beans in my ears Whenever aunt Margaret appears
  7. I wasn't very impressed with the first series as it's the same carousal of panel show comedians (who clearly don't read much) discussing their favourite books. I'd much rather they had guests with a bit more weight to them. Plus, the contemporary books they choose are standard detective novels and mainstream fluff. The only one from series one that caught my eye was 'Hangover Square.' Anyway, there's a series two coming... https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/1zRxrpdZTYNlKPdVpzZyyMs/twelve-brilliant-books-to-set-you-up-for-a-summer-of-reading
  8. The Limerick Game

    If I had a few folk come for supper I'd feed them all seeds of black dupper As an exciting dessert
  9. The Limerick Game

    There was a lad from Trinidad Who instigated a rather curious fad
  10. The Limerick Game

    A black Porsche Jimmy bought in Dalkeith. Purred like a tiger without any teeth In a fit of panic
  11. Poetic Wanderings

    I found me in a great surging space, At either end a door, And I said: 'What is this giddying place, With no firm-fixed floor, That I knew not of before?' 'It is life,' said a mask-clad face I asked: 'but how do I come here, Who never wished to come; Can the light and air be made more clear, The floor more quietsome, And the doors set wide? They numb Fast-locked and fill with fear.' The mask put on a bleak smile then, And said, 'O vassal-wight, There once complained a goosequill pen To the scribe of the Infinite Of the words it had to write Because they were past its ken.' The Masked Face - Thomas Hardy
  12. The Limerick Game

    There once was a man with a dog Which regularly barked at the fog In a fret or a haar He didn't get far Whenever he went for a jog There once was an awful ventriloquist
  13. The Limerick Game

    There once was a man with a dog Which regularly barked at the fog
  14. Champions League Final 20/21

    Chelsea 2 - 0 Real Madrid And there it is, another all-English final. Looking forward to it. Man City V Chelsea Final on 29th May in Istanbul.