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  1. Victober

    I didn't either but an internet search gleaned ""Carmilla", written by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was first published as a serial novella in the penny dreadful magazine The Dark Blue in 1871-1872." from Carmilla Black Panther Vampire Victorian Red Eyes Penny | Etsy
  2. Victober

    I have changed my Penny Dreadful to Carmilla by J Sheridan le Fanu because I've got a better chance of finishing it before the end of October and a female vampire intrigues me. I'm five chapters in and it's marvellous!
  3. Case Study

    I didn't find it funny at all. But that might just be me. It was good and the twist is brilliant!
  4. Case Study

    This is an excellent book. Highly unusual and the twist at the end unforseen (by me at any rate) and very clever. Amazon : London, 1965. An unworldly young woman believes that a charismatic psychotherapist, Collins Braithwaite, has driven her sister to suicide. Intent on confirming her suspicions, she assumes a false identity and presents herself to him as a client, recording her experiences in a series of notebooks. But she soon finds herself drawn into a world in which she can no longer be certain of anything. Even her own character. In Case Study, Graeme Macrae Burnet presents these notebooks interspersed with his own biographical research into Collins Braithwaite. The result is a dazzling – and often wickedly humorous – meditation on the nature of sanity, identity and truth itself, by one of the most inventive novelists writing today. I wouldn't have said it was dazzling or wickedly humerous but it does meditate on the nature of sanity, identity and truth itself and Burnet is one of the most inventive novelists today. Recommended.
  5. Lady Audley's Secret

    I believe that you can correct that yourself by clicking on edit
  6. Victober

    Thank you for sharing. Each to their own. It's been 8 years since I read it so the fine details have left me now but surely this weak woman etc is just a symptom of the epoch it was written in? I should re-read it. Carmilla is on the list.
  7. Victober

    Tell us why you don't like it (life is too short to read a book that you are not enjoying, btw. Imho)
  8. Lady Audley's Secret

    Yes. I don't mind waiting.
  9. Your Book Activity - October 2021

    Currently reading Graeme Macrae Burnet, Case Study
  10. Lady Audley's Secret

    After Hayley's finished. It's too good to spoil
  11. Victober

    It can get a bit intense, though. It wasn't hard though, I was desperate to find out what happened.
  12. Your Book Activity - October 2021

    Currently reading : Rage by Richard Bachman
  13. Victober

    I have had as much Victorian as I can take for now so I'm going to break it up with something else. I only have the Penny Dreadful part of it to go so Vinny The Vampire is going to have to wait a wee while until I get started. It's so big that I couldn't have finished in October anyway.
  14. Victober

    I have never found Dracula erotic, either the films or the book. Perhaps that's just me.
  15. Victober

    I have finished Lady Audley's Secret and oh my what a book! No spoilers so that's all I can say I recall vaguely watching a documentary on the Dracula films and being told by same that none of the films followed the book and that that had happened so often it was now a tradition. I loved Gary Oldman in the role and went to see it in the cinema when it came out.