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  1. The Unvanquished

    Thank you. I just love William Faulkner and am restricting myself to one a year so it's a special treat.
  2. Westerns

    He never did say and doesn't remember! Which means that he probably did.
  3. BBC Series, Between the Covers

    I've seen it and like you I wasn't impressed. Every episode is like that and I thought that it did not provide an inducement to read more.
  4. Your Book Activity - December 2021

    Just bought Stephen Vincent Benet Poetry Collection (3 Books): John Brown’s Body, Young Adventure, Nightmare at Noon and other Poems, Stephen Vincent Benet.
  5. Your Book Activity - December 2021

    Currently reading Philosophy in the Tragic Age of the Greeks, Friedrich Nietzsche. Last night I read The Story of the Year by Hans Christian Andersen, one of my favourite authors. It's a short story but it was very beautiful
  6. Your Book Activity - November 2021

    Just bought : Spirits of the Season: Christmas Hauntings (Tales of the Weird) edited by Tanya Kirk
  7. Your Book Activity - November 2021

    Currently reading Maigret Goes to School, Georges Simenon
  8. The Unvanquished

    No. There are no cowboys mentioned and no indians. And it takes place in the South, during the Civil War
  9. Your Age?

  10. Your Age?

    50 years, golden anniversary
  11. Men not reading much, especially not fiction

    Wow. I've been reading articles online that more paper books than ever were being sold as a result of lockdown. Also the odd articles about important men like Bill Gates reading on a regular basis. That said I did read that Bill Gates only read factual books.
  12. The Unvanquished

    Amazon puts it best : In a series of episodes set during and after the American Civil War Faulkner profiles the people of the South - who might surrender but could never be vanquished. What's not clear from that is that the episodes are chapters in the book and the people of the South are the one family (Sartoris) and the lives they touch during the Civil War. Faulkner's prose is stunning as always, and I took my time reading this so that I could enjoy it for as long as possible. Generally speaking what you read about is how the women fared when their men were off fighting the war and Faulkner does mention that the women didn't get to decide to go to war nor did they decide to surrender but just had to deal with what the situation threw at them. And naturally they coped very well. A story of black and white, rich and poor, women and children in a time and place that has elsewhere been described as Gone With the Wind. Very recommended and not stream of consciousness
  13. Favorite Christmas Film

    And they made it for children! It has sad bits in it but overall it's an uplifting joyful film and James Stewart is magnificent
  14. A Dystopian World - Ongoing Blog

    You are most welcome
  15. Your Book Activity - November 2021

    One of my favourites and most often read. The movie producer finding Khartoum's head in his bed remains my favourite scene (I daresay that says a lot about me!) Currently reading Agnes Grey, Anne Brontë