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  1. What cheered you up today?

    I have just found out that storing books on their back cover i.e. lying them flat, saves space and that I can get more books in that way. I'd read about this before but gave it a try today and got four - 2 of them very thick - in a space where, stored the conventional way, they were hanging off the side of the shelf (on a bookend). And I don't need bookends! This gives me the opportunity to go through my books, which is second only to reading them. Happy me.
  2. The Limerick Game

    There once was a man called Ben Siller
  3. The Limerick Game

    There once was a man from Botswana His name was Cedric Agana On a trip to Gabon He drank gin with someone.... And walked home in a disorderly manner
  4. Narcissus and Goldmund

    Published in 1930 this is set in Medieval times and is about two men, Narcissus and Goldmund. Narcissus struggles with becoming a monk and Goldmund starts off as his pupil but leaves to become what's termed as a wayfarer - someone who is homeless and travels a lot. Both men come to terms with their chosen way of life and meet again, seeing much change in each other. Narcissus does not regret his life but Goldmund regrets his. This is beautifully written and absolutely absorbing. Recommended
  5. Your Book Activity - June 2021

    Currently reading Mrs England by Stacy Halls
  6. What's the weather like?

    Raining here, and not too hot, I'm glad to say
  7. Read-a-thons 2021

    Thank you both. Hayley, it is really good, well worth it and not too difficult.
  8. What's the weather like?

    We are on dull and a little windy. As it was yesterday. I don't like the searing heat and we managed to get out and about yesterday. It's taking time to get used to that again, I have to say.
  9. Read-a-thons 2021

    I read just over 100 pages of my current read, Narcissus and Goldmund by Hermann Hesse. If that counts :-)
  10. Luna's Reading 2021

    I did. I was mind boggled too to find out how factual it was.
  11. What cheered you up today?

    It certainly is. Awww, I hope you get to see her more often now, they change so much in the first years!
  12. What Are You Watching Now? - 2021

    Yes, it was!
  13. Finished Limericks

    There once was a kitten called Merlin Whose human was called Rita Girling.... He got really quite fat Undesirable in a cat And didn't make it to yearling
  14. The Limerick Game

    There once was a kitten called Merlin
  15. The Limerick Game

    Young Bert took a dip in the river Yet once in there his bones started to shiver... To remedy such chills He downed some green pills.. And came out of the river aquiver