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  1. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Just bought Chasing Homer, László Krasznahorkai
  2. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    I love Stephen King and always have. I stopped reading his books when a family member pointed out that my behaviour was being affected by it - he was writing exclusively horror at the time. Recently I've gone back to reading him and enjoyed what I have read. My mother would not read any of his books and wondered how I could. I enjoyed this most of all because she was the kind of person that would pick up my book and not give it back until she had read it, so I could put any of Stephen King's books down and she tried them but would not continue.
  3. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    Very probably
  4. The Premonitions Bureau

    It's a great shame, Hayley. The Aberfan disaster was mentioned all the way through the book and the so-called predictions were used to justify the Premonitions Bureau but they didn't go into the psychological aspect of the predictions. Scottish second sight wasn't even mentioned.
  5. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Just bought Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How It Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health by Russell Foster
  6. The Premonitions Bureau

    This is a factual book about one psychiatrist's belief that people could predict disasters. There is a lot in this book about the Aberfan tragedy and there really was a Premonitions Bureau. The book doesn't seem to come to any conclusions about whether disasters can be predicted and the predictions made were so vague as to be just about impossible to send out warnings beforehand. I enjoyed this for what it was and read the whole book. Still, it turned out to be quite disappointing insofar as the predictions made were too vague to do anything about and were only related to the circumstances after the fact, and even at that not wholly convincingly. Not as interesting as I thought it would be.
  7. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Currently reading Impatience of the Heart, Stefan Zweig
  8. Your bookish Christmas Gifts 2021

    How did you get on with this, Brian?
  9. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    Currently reading The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight
  10. King Rat

    China Miéville is one of my favourite authors so I'm not very good at criticising him. It's also impossible to categorise him so I'm putting this in General Fiction. King Rat is his first book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a re-telling of an old story that is pretty much told to most, if not all, children: The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Miéville makes a very good job of telling the tale in his way and it's not immediately obvious that that is the tale he's telling. So, Saul Garamond comes home late one night and decides not to speak to his father, with whom he lives, and goes straight to bed. He is rudely awoken the next morning by the police hammering on his door and is arrested for murdering his father, about which he knows nothing. Then the story gets weird after that. Not to mention very interesting. China Miéville is a stunning writer with an imagination that is incredible. I always enjoy his books and this one is as much out of the ordinary as the other ones I've read. Nobody does it like China Miéville Recommended.
  11. Seasonal Poems

    I cannot tell you how it was, But this I know: it came to pass Upon a bright and sunny day When May was young; ah, pleasant May! As yet the poppies were not born Between the blades of tender corn; The last egg had not hatched as yet, Nor any bird foregone its mate. I cannot tell you what it was, But this I know: it did but pass. It passed away with sunny May, Like all sweet things it passed away, And left me old, and cold, and gray. May by Christina Rossetti
  12. Your Hobbies, Collections, and Obsessions

    I spent a lot of time colouring in when I was a child and I still do when I'm crafting. I also love all sorts of paper crafts so indulge in them from time to time. Between that and the reading - mostly paper books - I spend a lot of time handling paper, which I still think is a miraculous substance, and which keeps me happy. If I may suggest, for your anxiety Kudz, try sudoku or some other absorbing puzzle. Because you are concentrating on the puzzle you can't get anxious, that's the theory. During lockdown, we were advised to do jigsaw puzzles but had nowhere to put a physical one. I found an app and that, I guarantee, is very relaxing.
  13. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    I agree but hope, since she has the ability, that she will write something as good as the Winternight trilogy
  14. Your Book Activity - May 2022

    I enjoyed it but I enjoyed her Winternight trilogy much better. Have you read these, Muggle?
  15. Satantango

    From Wikipedia : The novel is a postmodernist piece, and while it has a plot, many details are not outlined and remain unclear. It consists of two parts, and each part consists of six sections; sections of the second part are numbered in reverse order. Every chapter is a long paragraph which does not contain line breaks. Most of the action occurs in a run-down Hungarian village ("estate") which is in a vicinity of an unnamed town but the inhabitants are almost isolated from the outside world. The main character, Irimiás, a con man posing as a saviour, arrives at the estate, achieves an almost unlimited power over the inhabitants, gets them to give him all their hard-earned money, convinces them to move to another abandoned “estate” nearby, and then brings them to the town, where he disperses them around the country. The purpose of the whole exercise is to give Irimiás money and power. As it turns out the villagers are given good lodgings and Irimiàs gives them money so we wonder if he has taken advantage of them. The prose is brilliant and very well worth reading Recommended.