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  1. THE SELECTION BY:KIERRA CASS (THE SELECTION SERIES) GENRE:NOVEL,DYSTOPIAN, FANTASY FICTION CATEGORY:YOUNG ADULT SYNOPSIS:A group of impoverished girls compete for a chance to live amongst the wealthy, where a rebellion is brewing. For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. The opportunity to escape the life laid out for them since birth. To be swept up in a world of glittering crowns and priceless jewels. These book📓are the bachelor mixed with Handmsid's Tale with like a little bit of Hunger games a little bit of that divergent energy in there because,we're in this like post-apocalyptic dystopian world but, now we have these royalty.We have this castle🏰system and you know when the Prince comes of age how else is he gonna pick a bride👰but,then to have 35 women👧 from the countries selected and brought to the palace to train to become a princess👸and to date him.I love❤the bachelor I just.Thus book is just tropes galore and I absolutely love❤it.It's like candy🍬like the first time I read this series I read all of the books📓in 3 days like at that point.We only had the first 3 in the series and I just couldn't stop reading them and I was staying up like all night to read this book📓because,I just had to know what was happening next. I was so hooked,I was so invested in cura cast knows exactly what she's doing.She's doing it on purpose and she's trying to make you feel this way.I've also enticed one of my friends through this book📓and she's going through the exact same thing as me and just can't help but laugh😂because I did this to her but,I also did it to myself because I meant to read another books📓after the selection but,I can't I have to read the elite bacause I have to just continue on with the series.So the selection is about a girl👧named America Singer she's pretty low on the castle🏰level.She's not like all the way down there.She's a five so she's like better off than most but,she's still you know considered a lower castle🏰.This selection rolls around everybody is begging America to enter it because it is such an amazing opportunity you know while you're in the selection.Your family is getting money💵You're gonna be in higher castle🏰and you know obviously if you are selected you're gonna become next queen👸of the country,so everybody wants her to enter but America doesn't want to because she's already in love❤with somebody else but the problem is he's a lower-class and that obviously brings in a lot of tension. You know Aspen is very proud.He wants to take care of America he doesn't want her you know to like be brought low.He doen't want her to have to go hungry so even he is telling her to please enter this compertition.She never excepted to be selected and once she's in the palace,she also never expected to you know maybe she wants the Prince-I don't know Prince Maxon's pretty great👍.I do really love❤the flow of this book like America is really dimb and she's very frustrating bacause you know she's with Aspen and she breaks up💔 with him and then she said and then she's in the palace and now maybe I don't know maybe I'm in love❤with Max and I have no and like the second.She catches feels you know like drama happens but,it's just so good👍and it's so fun😁like these books📓like by far like.There are obviously better written books📓. They're not really doing anything like amazing or spectacular but,they are so fun😁to read they're probably the most fun😁books📓.I've ever reads just because the way that the dramas introduced in the pretty dresses👗and the ships🚢.It's just so so good there is more of a plot to these books📓as well you know it's not just peetty dresses 👗and falling in love❤with the prince.this is a very young country.It's set after the 4th world war and I really do like the way that Kierra Cass has created the politics like some of it yes like if you wanted to really dig into it.Don't make a whole lot of sense but,I feel like for what it is and for the way America needs to think of it.It make a lot of sense. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  2. STALKING JACK THE RIPPER BY:KERRI MANISCALCO (STALKING JACK THE RIPPER SERIES) GENRE:MYSTERY & HORROR FICTION CATEGORY:YOUNG ADULT SYNOPSIS:The novel follows Audrey Rose Wadsworth, a young woman apprenticing with her Uncle in a mortuary deep within the alleyways and public houses in 1800s London. Wadsworth is soon caught up in a dangerous set of mass murderers as a killer—deemed 'Jack the Ripper' wreaks havoc on women in the dark of the night. My favorite part about this book📓was that the author stayed true to the historical context in how society was run back in the Victorian Era,but she lives in the modern themes that we normally see in focus today what with Audrey Rose kind of being an outsider.She is still interested in,but she has this love❤for forensic science and really just wants to help her uncle dissect bodies and solve mysteries and catch murderers,but this is a society that deals pretty much in black and white. You are decent or you're not and i really love❤that Audrey Rose finally decides to embrace both sides of her personality.This is who she is take it or leave it.G is a Rosa Thore's who is done letting others decide how she is supposed to act this book📓was so much fun😄to read.I really loved❤ that the author tried to say pretty accurate with the date and the name just really going though with the murders that Jack the Ripper commited it was so so much fun😄but,i cannot give this book📓in a plus bacause,i have 2 problems with it that didn't make it enjoyable😃for me to read but,it did kind of get on my nerves and it just kind of knocked it down. A few pegs for me and the fist is that Audrey Rose is supposed to be very smart.She does play a very critical role in discovering the motive of the murderer but,it often out shined by Thomas who is supposed to be kind of a Sherlock Holmes type character.They have a very holmes and watson bang namic which makes a lot of the dialogue and banter.Really really fun😄but,i just hated that she so often took a backseat to him and was just very astonished that he was always figuring things out and she was almost always completely wrong❌with the direction that she was thinking and it just kind of stucks that she was the main character but,her story was still being hijacked by somebody else the other problem. I have with it with the actual murderer themselves.I really love❤ the reveal bacause if the atmosphere was great👍,the setting was amazing,the way he was kind of of a let down.I did assume that it was this character just because,i was going through and I'm like all right it's probably going to be you because,we're focusing too much on these people but the problem is,is that when you go back and you try and look for the clues that suggest to the murderer is they aren't there and when they are there they are so buried and the author is trying so hard to throw you off that you will completely miss them and that's very annoying because,it makes this character look like they're the murderer just because it was so unlikely that they would be the murderer and not because of any other reasons,so i really wish that maybe the author had taken. Sometime to flesh out the motives behind the character thinking but other than that i really enjoyed😁Stalking Jack the Ripper and i am so excited😀to read more by this author mostly because OH MY GOD!!!😱this was a tailor made for me unless it's so much if you are also a fan of murder mysteries or hystorical fiction or steampunk you will definitely find something in this book📓for you and i highly⬆recommend it👍. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  3. Splintered Book Review

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  4. Splintered Book Review

    SPLINTERED BY:A. G. HOWARD (SPLINTERED SERIES) GENRE:FICTION CATEGORY:YOUNGS & ADULTS SYNOPSIS:This stunning debut captures the grotesque madness of a mystical under-land, as well as a girl's pangs of first love and independence. Alyssa Gardner hears the whispers of bugs and flowers—precisely the affliction that landed her mother in a mental hospital years before. Splintered by A. G. Howard is a kind of retelling though from my understanding of it, it's move of a reimagining of Alice in Wonderland here we follow Elissa Gardner and throughout her entire life has always heard the thoughts of bugs🐞 that she has kind of created her art around to get them to shut up it and she knows that because of this she will end up in kind of a metal ward the same way that her mother has after several years of her losing it and what they don't know is that she is related a long time ago to the original Alice in Wonderland. Alice Liddell who is not a fictional character but had told her stories to Lewis Caroll that has created this entire world🌎 selling book📓now as she as her mother continues to kind of her mind and lose herself to her mental illness.She finds out that Alice's stories in wonderland are actually pretty much true just not entirely accurate is the best way that i can put it so in order to say both ger and mother's minds i guess is the best way to put it.She must dive back into wonderland and see what this curse is about that has caused them and other woman👧 in their families to kind of lose themselves to this cursed now for my thoughts. So far i had high hopes going into this i looked up some review on it just to see and it's not so much a retelling as it is a darker reimagining of Alice in Wonderland and it's not close to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland at all its closer to through the looking glass and that is from my own reviews and from my own personal experience with reading both Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass. Alyssa doesn't like the fact that she look so much like her mother,so in a way to kind a fight against that she wears dreads,like she has like dread extensions.I guess that she has put in and it's a way for her to not other way you sad😔 little emo girl who doesn't really who is struggling through things but doesn't want to really cope with it for you to go ahead and look different from your mother then putting drugs in your hair. I'm sorry thats just how it is and it's very like you can just dye your hair a different color🌈, chop it short,straighten it,i don't care you just don't use dreads.I also think that this kind of is a bit closer to Alice Madness Returns which is interesting to say because this is a lot darker but somehow i prefer that remaigining a bit more because i feel this is trying to be really close to the original like,but not kind of like uncanny valley situation and while it is enjoyable😁.Its still like just kind of like Jeb one of the love❤ interest in the book📓 is honestly gets on my nerves like I'm not gonna lie. I think he is controlling,he is borderline abusive,he's kind of manipulative in a lot of cases and i don't know if i can like,it's just like Elisa is like yeah I'm gonna choose him no matter what and it's like but,he's literally telling you to go against everything to try and save your mother because,you're in danger and like i understand that but,he's not very open to the idea of what you were doing in the first and let's not forget about the fact that he waited,that he like openly lied to her about why he didn't want her to go to London with her?because he was going with Taylor his girlfriend and that he openly lied about his feeling toward her. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟