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  1. I said in my introduction how I was a voracious reader, but fell out of the habit, but have been getting myself back into it - both as a result of the recent (and for me, current) Lockdowns, and because of pressure from my partner! Very welcome pressure, I hasten to add. I've even set up a YouTube channel where I do readings to get me motivated. The most recent story I read for it is an M. R. James one - "A School Story". When I was younger, I loved M. R. James, and returning to him I'm glad to find that I still do! With horror stories based on atmosphere rather than shock or gore, I think he is one of those writers where "master of the genre" actually means something. He is able to create calm, relaxed atmospheres - often of academia, where he worked - whilst building up, somehow, a disturbing background, so that when the supernatural actually intrudes upon this world, it is - at least to me - more effective than many other more "obvious" writers in the genre. A short story, and I've been reading a fair few horror stories for a Halloween playlist, but I don't seem to tire of M. R. James! (This is my reading of it - [link removed] - not sure now links outside to such things are regarded here, I'll take it down if it shouldn't be here!)
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    Thanks! Most recently a sudden glut of "classic" (ie oldandthusoutofprint) horror authors (for a halloween playlist) - nothing wrong with reading a good few stories by Poe or M. R. James, but H. P. Lovecraft can be someone you can have a surfeit of more quickly! Outside that, I was going through some of the books my partner has - sailed through her Mervyn Peake's "Titus" books, and am now finally getting round to reading Milan Kundera's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being" which she has been recommending to me for far too long! Getting through a few books from my ancient Sci-fi and fantasy selection, and finding that Fritz Lieber no longer holds me as he did once, but finding new books in my partner's collection which do, so that's a fair swap! (Also a few Welsh language books, but that would be for another forum!)
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    Hello! I grew up in a house which was wallpapered with bookshelves, and used to devour them regularly - different genres, styles, quality. But then I somehow grew out of the habit. I still read a bit, and still wrote a few things myself, but nowhere near as much as I used to. Recently, especially with the Coronavirus lockdowns, I've found myself reading more- and even setting up a YouTube channel for reading out-of-copyright stories (haven't had the confidence to put up my own!) This has reminded me how much I love reading, and I've made a conscious decision to get back into it as much as I can. Hence my finding and joining this forum! I hope to hear about and share in people's enthusiasm for books of all kinds!