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  1. Hello there! *Waves*

    Oh wow, so many of you lovely people replied! Thank you so much for the welcome I have yet to do a tracker of sorts & to fully participate but That will be done asap! Had this problem this whole week! Kept wondering into random stores as well for books :') Ooh, I didn't think of that as a possibility - that sounds amazing! Well in terms of historical fiction I was hoping to try and get into the white queen/princess books by Philippa Gregory after being obsessed with the TV Show! So I suppose that was like Tudor time ish era I believe - just find it so fascinating anything to do with royalty in the past. But thank you! I totally agree with the time! I didn't manage to be free during lockdown as my job thankfully never had any issues but I do wish I could get along with audio books! Maybe one day Hello! Thank you Thank you! I have noticed that actually! I am trying to read Lady of the Waters and Wolf Hall and whilst Lady of the Waters is not as big of a book the language is definitely a lot more complex! Which isn't bad because it is allowing me to expand my vocabulary. Hi Hayley! Thank you so much haha, it's a good and bad habit XD Thank you so much again guys <3
  2. Hello there! *Waves*

    Hi Everyone! My name is Katherine (Katty) and I live in London, UK. I just turned 26 in September and I am so excited to have stumbled onto this site! A bit about me I suppose - As a child I was an avid bookworm although that never really followed me into adulthood until now and rediscovering my love for books although I am quite a slow reader. I mainly reading YA books but I am trying to get into historical & horror books (I like watching them so reading shouldn't be as hard, right?!) Big books scare me but one day I hope I will be able to get back into it! I have a very big TBR pile to go through and not enough time and my book buying habits is very bad at the moment. Anyways! I cannot wait to talk all things books with people on here and hello to you all