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  1. I read this series at least 20 years ago. It was a Fantasy series about a guy that is transported to a fantasy universe with goblins and elves etc.. I remember it being only him but maybe others were transported as well. He is transported into another persons body that happens to be a trained swordsman. Soon after his transport he is attacked by a group of goblins and he reacts with his new bodies sword skills and easily kills them all. After the fight I remember he throws up as hes not used to the gore having come from the modern world.In this book there are rare elven swords that only elves have ever wielded. They "hum" or "sing" when wielded. The better your sword skill the better the rythm. The main character aquires one which is unheard of in this universe as he is human and not elven. He eventually aquires two of them and dual wields them. Sorry cant remember much else besides really liking the books.Thanks in advance!