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  1. Audible - is it worth it?

    I have been an Audible customer for a number of years. I enjoy having several series’ by the same author and/or narrator. Due to the lack of consistency in naming titles in the same series, it is nearly impossible to listen to a series sequentially. This inconsistency also prevents me from picking up where I left off in a series. For instance they use “Book 4” and “Book IV” interchangeably. Sometimes this installment number is only viewable when you select “More Info”. There are actually too many problems caused by naming conventions for me to go into. It also makes using Alexa a nightmare. I have to start a book on my phone first. Then I can just ask Alexa to play my audio book, without needing to recite the name. The non uniform naming convention impacts Alexas’ ability to locate and play titles. The author’s choice of title and format can be maintained, but IMHO should not be arbitrarily used in the Audible Catalog of Titles Or the users Library. The phrase adapted for Audible is apt. Naming conventions should be standardized for the Catalog, so that customers can easily find the title and position in the series from any device, on the main library screen. This would most likely increase sales and customer satisfaction. I’d describe this all as extremely frustrating.