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  1. thanks - quite an international flavour, it seems.
  2. Thank you for those kind words, Anna. I'm looking forward to learning how a forum works!
  3. That's really very kind of you, thanks.
  4. New Members - Questions, Problems?

    Just posted my 'introduction'. Hope it worked. Having never used a forum before, it's something of a challenge!
  5. Good morning. This is the very first book-related forum I have registered on, and until this morning I wasn't aware they existed. Looking forward to engaging with like-minded people and hearing recommendations. I'm a recently published author, having stepped into this world quite accidentally after writing my first book as part of my therapy for PTSD. Being an ex-soldier and cop, not too surprisingly I went against the advice of many of our best authors and decided to write about what I know. Books - I've just started reading 'THE SLAP' and I'm working on my third, due to be published Spring 2018. Best regards, Matt.