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  1. Hi, First time post. Hope you can help. I remember as a kid, towards the end of primary school, around 1998, having at least two choose your own adventure style books. I don't think they were part of the "Choose your own adventure" series, as a search of their site has turned up nothing. What I remember about them is that they were smaller than the average paperback, but inside the covers there were maps to show you the locations you can go to in the story, as well as almost check lists so you could keep track of what you had picked up along the way. The two i remember having were about a haunted island, I think (not as clear on the one). The other was a Sherlock Holmes kinda theme - victorian london, fog, horse drawn carriages (i even remember one of the first choices was to take the cab, because that meant you found the map and could use it for the rest of the story). Now I know this is probably a long shot, but I vividly remember these from when I was little, and now a few of the kids at my Church have no idea what a choose your own adventure book is. So I would love to track down these ones - especially the sherlock one - so I can show them. Anyone any ideas, or at least remember reading the same things? Much obliged, Ian