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  1. Horror subjects

    hello girls iam was big lover of horror stories and now i give up and i dont need return back heheh just because it feel frightened i was watching horror tv show , games, movies , stories iam just sitting and nothing do because iam feeling horror things it going to be as like same in acadimic looks like all horror it going be in school nothing intreset kept here for my age> any viewing is not exciting only ghoust stories kept good for now hehe(>)because of my resones it is not disgudting or hurting the best movies that i watches every week at television was:- ring + chucky+jason+fridey+hallween+zombies+vampires i only have listennign to horror music but it is evently not rest for anyone i have alot of favourite actors
  2. Hello! New reader here

    hello Ohayoo
  3. i would like to meet people here

    Hello every one i am a reader and player iam an interester and viewer of anything is not more general fction type hehe i love meeting and eating *i love to say happy eid for every one
  4. LGBT literature

    Nice Good luck for you
  5. Hello

    Iam an english literature reader i am have a book at university i only divine it and translated it i am have an japaness view literature
  6. WWI Historical Fiction

    i am not interested in historical books
  7. Michelle's Reading Adventures 2017

    thank you for writing
  8. Hello my favourite character was dancing , singing and playing was my favourite interest for around years for world but now this years song need carefull focus. some type of video songs can take from real world i mean kids song too> and mature themes are takin from supernaturel activity for example anime , games , movies teen song have got phraise with emotional and understanding movement