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  1. About a human smarter than a computers AI and who has been tested by the government and is now a fugitive since he's escaped. Plus he's a orphan
  2. The Old Willis Place

    sorry i I forgot the picture
  3. A great book I read a while back. It's about 2 kids who are ghosts and they try to make friends with a human. But it's weirder than it seems I really recommend it! I dont own the the cover art below
  4. Sorry if it's in the wrong section. But can someone please make me cover art for my new book? If you want to comment to this thread saying you want to. And I will give you details
  5. Hi I'm H.I.

    I'm a person who likes books and I like making books. But I don't have a publisher sooooooo yeah. Anyway I've starting reading 3rd grade books in 1st grade and by 4th grade I hade a 10th grade reading level