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  1. I know, i tend to vary it too much. Like my Jack Reacher books are one of my favourites, but i fancy a change quite a bit. I've just started one called American Gods. Not sure if you've heard otf it? There's a TV show just come out about it, so i thought i'd read it before watching. I really fancy a fantasy book but there's that many i don't know which to choose!
  2. I've read all the Harry Potter's. Around 10 of Jack Reacher's. A few of Martina Cole's, Got bored of Stephen King's (tried 3) & i'm nearly at the end of Da Vinci Code I've enjoyed all of them & haven't really got a specific genre, so i'm just looking for recommendations & for somebody to sell a book to me that sounds interesting! Not the biggest fan of dark fantasy and out & out fantasy books. But things like Harry Potter, Game of Thrones i enjoyed thank you