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  1. Survival genre

    You may want to read The Moor's Account by Laila Lalami. It is a historical fiction but a story based on upon an incredible true story of survival. Out of several hundred explorers of the 1527 Narvaez expedition of the American gulf coast, only four survived and found their way to Mexico after several years of walking across thousands of miles of wilderness. It is told through the eyes of a Moorish slave, based on the written accounts of Cabeza de Vaca, both among the four survivors.
  2. For some time I have been searching for another comprehensive book detailing the expeditions of Percy Fawcett in South America, beyond just that of The Lost City of Z, by David Grann. His research and sources relied primarily on family papers, archival collections, reports of the Royal Geographical Society and news articles. Does anyone know of another published work, even if out of print?
  3. Gods of Redemption

    I understand then. Not a problem. I suppose as a new member I fit that profile . I just love good books and to read what others review. And occasionally comment on what I read.
  4. Gods of Redemption

    No, but next time I will not go overboard on information, per your guidelines, "it's helpful if you can provide more information, as well as your own thoughts or review," and just say I enjoyed the book and leave it at that.
  5. I recently read this novel I found on Amazon by first time author Robert Taylor and was extremely impressed with both the gripping plot and how well it was written. It is about a grief stricken ex-Army Colonel who lost his young son on a plane destroyed by a terrorist bomb 4-years earlier. His anguish and frustration with his government's failure to pursue the responsible terrorists cost him his marriage and ended his military career. A parallel storyline involves a weak US President whose poor decision had allowed the terrorists to remain free and now finds himself under criticism by his own Vice President who is preparing to run against him in the next election. The two storylines merge and an exciting hunt begins to find the terrorist group taking you on a fast paced roller coaster ride. Without revealing too much more of the story and two rather surprising outcomes at the end of the novel, I'd just say this book is definitely worth reading if you enjoy well written action thrillers. It is detailed and realistic. The author either did a great deal of research or had a great deal of personal experience in intelligence and military matters.