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  1. Chris Carter

    Dose anyone here like Chris Carter, I have just splurged on getting his latest "the caller" although it's in hardback I always prefer paper back. I have also got "I am death" to read.
  2. Alison Weir

    Has anyone read any of her books. I brought Katherine of Aragon the true queen. Has anyone read that?
  3. Has anyone read...?

    Has anybody read the six Tudor Queens Katherine of Aragon the true Queen. By Alison Weir?
  4. Stephen King

    I'm reading Revival, I'm enjoying it but it is slow at the beginning. I also have "Bazaar of bad dreams" "Cell" and "Pet cemetery" I loved the film of "it" and would like to read the book sometime "Carrie" and "Firestarter" were also good. Well it's raining and cold, so I'm going to make a hot chocolate and read
  5. Katie's reading list 2017

    Cut is finished. One down.
  6. Katie's reading list 2017

    Cut ~ Marc Rabbe Revival ~ Stephen King The fire child ~S.K. Treymane The time to kill ~ Mason Cross Perfect remains ~Helen Fields Dear Amy ~ Helen callanghan The steel kiss ~Jeffery Deaver Arthur ~ Mikael Lindnord Harry potter and goblet of fire - J.K Rowling Harry Potter and the order of the phoneix ~ J.K. Rowling The teacher bazar of bad dreams ~ stephen king the killing club ~ paul finch the two ~ will caver after you die ~eva dolan i let you go clare mackintosh I am death chris carter the witness kernick black eyes susans the dog who dared to dream the girl who just appeared the killing club the constant queen only ever yours asking for it Wow that is a lot.
  7. Hello :)

    HI Onion Budgie, no I haven't must look in to those thank you. Is it a follow on or can you pick and chose?
  8. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    My last film was never let me go. I cried at the end. I want to read the book now,
  9. Your Age?

    I'm going to bring it down I'm 24
  10. Hello :)

    Hello everyone. I am new here. I love reading, when I was a child my family was all anti-reading saying it was a waste of time. I should be watching T.V think of Matilda Wormwood, I didn't go to the library like her though, Surprisingly I found my love of reading through Fifty shades of Grey. So that book is good for some things. My passions are thrillers and crime. I do dabble in romance and erotica, but it has to be of decent quality romance. I'm just finishing reading "cut" by Marc Rabbe. Taken me ages to read unfortunately life has been getting in the way. I love Stephen King, I currently have "Revival" to read when I get chance.