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  1. For the Dutch readers out there

    It doesn't matter Athena, I just thought I'd look if anyone had read it. With my next post I'll pay attention to the fact that there aren't many Dutch people here.
  2. Hello everyone, I've read 'jij zegt het' from Connie Palmen this week, and I thought it was lovely. It won't come out in the UK until 2018, but I did want to start a topic about this book, because I really enjoyed it. I read it as an e-book, but that didn't stop me form reading very quickly. I finished the book in just 2 days! The book itself has won the Libris literature-award and it's been nominated for at least the Inktaap. I just wanted to ask you, what did you think of this book? :sign0114:
  3. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    I watched Fantastic Beasts and where to find them yesterday, it was soooo amazing. I thought the animals were really good animated, and I thought the demiguise was the cutest animal on earth.
  4. I LOVE big books, they Always attract my attention when I'm in ther library of at someone's house and there are a lot of books. However I started reading the Lord of the Rings when I was about 10 and that's been clearly too early, because now I'm kinda scared to reread the series. I really want to reread them, but I can't seem to get over the fact that it's so long. I think short books can be great too, but I sometimes try to avoid them because I read really quickly and then I finish them within a day. I like to read a book for a week or so, because I think a lot more about the book, than that I just read it in one or two go's. And when I finish a book I usually don't really think a lot about books when I've finished them.
  5. The Cursed Child

    I thought it was a good book, although after reading all of your comments I definetely agree with most of you. When I read the book I really enjoyed it, but now I think that it wasn't what I expected from the book. When I first read all the books I expected a bit more of Ron and Hermione, and less a sort of spin-off. With those who say that it should become a movie, you're totally RIGHT, I would love it if I could see the play, but I think the movie would be good too.