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  1. Military History

    Just finished "A Table in the Presence" by Lt Carey Cash .....Not too far back in History, (The start of the Iraqi war) finished at lunch today, fairly easy read 240 pages, highly recommended if you are a spiritual type
  2. What's the weather like?

    Cold, cold, and colder in the forecast. highs around 35F for the next three days, but no snow I don't think so anyway. Gotta love Winter
  3. What's the weather like?

    Sunny and cold here, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning so we have 6 more weeks of winter ahead, Can't wait until spring
  4. Books on Spiders

    really? interesting. Love them to the point of owning them as pets. Letting them crawl around free and the like? Or just study them? My little sister use to have a tarantula when we were kids, She would take him out when people were over and insist he wasn't dangerous as he walked all over her. Soon my parents made her find another pet, but she always liked the creepy stuff. but it seems most libraries would be full of books on the subject, no?
  5. Malcom Gladwell's books

    He used to write for a major News print here, and he was always a good read on the subway in the morning, thought provoking. I will have to pick one of these up. Where is he now by the way?
  6. WWI Historical Fiction

    All Quiet on The Western Front.. A great Movie, maybe I will pick up the book. Did you see the movie as well?
  7. Ayn Rand

    "Atlas Shrugged" for sure. Read it as a youngster, parts still stick with me
  8. Howdy ho

    I mainly like to read non-fiction with flair. perfect example is "one" of my current ongoing (another fault if you will I have different books in different places I'm reading at the same time) but for instance "Table in the Presence", a beautiful true story, graphically detailed about a US Marine battalion that literally felt the presence of God during the initial Iraq invasion. Written by a Marine Chaplain. And I am religious so.... These are the kind of stories that keep my attention and give the time I spend reading some meaning. I love fiction also but find it hard to stay in the story if it gets too far from reality. If that makes sense. But really nothing better than a well written fiction that keeps you there in the moment, can be chillingly eerie. So I don't like Science Fiction space stuff I guess.
  9. NFL

    Still saying Steelers vs Packers, Patriots have a soft schedule, and that may be about to expose itself against the Steelers. As an American it is strange to see how little Europeans pay attention. Over here it is like breathing. But I suppose the same can be said for Futbol on the other side of the pond, although I do enjoy the occasion that I catch a good match
  10. NFL

    Can we resurrect this thread. Playoffs 2017 How about a Steelers vs Packers Super Bowl
  11. Non Fiction

    Occasionally I almost have to. Keeps me grounded and aware of things around me from a medium aside from television. I used to read a lot of non fiction when I was in school. I found it a lot more fun to conversate based on reality with the intellects of academia. They always seemed to more well read than most. Currently reading "Let the Trumpets Sound", not a bio exactly but about the life of Martin Luther King. And I was given "The Brothers Bulger" for the holidays and kind of pick that one up while waiting in line for something, or while I am eating and just want to drift into the story for a few minutes. "Let The Trumpets Sound" takes a little more focus so read that when I have hour long spurts of time But I have and enjoyed reading a lot of non fiction
  12. Greatest love story ever written?

    Of the books I have read I would have to say "Tale of two Cities", Dickens way of telling a story, his way with words may never come our way again. Although in a more modern time "the Notebook" was a wonderful touching story , but I would have to say the making of the movie did nothing to enhance the story. I kind of wished I never watched the movie. Having recognizable characters play the parts maybe, not sure but something about it spoiled the story a little, for me.
  13. Fishboy - Mark Richards.

    Wasn't this a grand read. I don't usually like "narrated" books, but the visuals created by the story are bound to captivate even the most cynical of dreams
  14. Book Popularity in some countries vs others

    Interesting the different cultural dynamics within a culture. I find southerners in America, for the most part speak with more manners in their thoughts, as if respecting the response it may garner either vocal or just in perception. Whereas New Englanders especially, speak for the most part as if they are daring a response, even hoping for conflict as if they need to further prove their view on a given subject. I try to convey that in my writing almost a good vs evil. Do you, of the other side of the pond pick up that from Americans in general? And would you pick up a book that highlighted that in a character? I'm currently writing a book on our sometimes corrupt intelligence agencies, and their arrogance sometimes supported by our media. Honing in on a few particular events such as the marathon bombing, Janet Reno's WACO, and a few others.
  15. Defender by G X Todd

    Intriguing subject matter. I love head game books, new author too