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  1. Your Book Activity - October 2016

    Thanks Janet, yes that does make sense - I thought reviewing a new book was the thing to do but happy to chat about some classics too! My sister and I read Pride and predudice every December (well we try to most years) as a bit of a tradition. I love it but have not read Sense and sensibility - I have seen the film which I hope won't ruin the reading experience.
  2. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

    I agree, I think it will spark debate and that's always a good thing.
  3. The Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

    When you read the lyrics versus listening to them through the songs they could easily be published as poems. But it's the music and delivery that make them truly wonderful. Forever young!
  4. Room by Emma Donoghue

    I loved, loved, loved this book!! As incomprehensible as the scenario is it is drlivered and executed in the most believable way. I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards for ages!!
  5. Your Book Activity - October 2016

    My cousin recommended it to me and he is the best read person I know in this genre. Yes it's a new realise and it was free so thought it was a good place to start when I've just joined. I just thought this was a place to come and learn about other books and share thoughts on ones we were reading.
  6. Your Book Activity - October 2016

    I am just about to finish Amare: Bloodstreams by J Gaines. I only started it yesterday and have really loved it. I read a lot of fantasy novels and love all the classics but this one is cool because it's set in the modern day in England and it's gritty. I think why I am really enjoying it though is that it's main character is unpredicatable and complex. He is a man who has a mix of emotion and action... you don't get that very often. Will write again when I've finished it off.