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  1. Hello from Ireland

    Hello and welcome
  2. Over My Dead Body ~ Jeffrey Archer
  3. Mistletoe and Wine ~ Cliff Richard
  4. Hello...

    Hi and welcome, Karen
  5. On my currently reading list Rereading Animal Farm. Thirteen Problems Agatha Christie A Storm Of Swords G Martin
  6. Your Age?

    Hope you had lovely anniversary muggle ❤
  7. Recently finished The last two in the Chocolate Lovers series. The Christmas and Wedding. I have enjoyed this as a whole. Loved the first book of the series and it got me wanting more. The last one however I found myself getting slightly infuriated by how unrealistic a lot of it was. The author also had some very good side stories that would have been so much better if they were focused on more. One very annoying aspect was the MC saying/thinking "chocolate gives of endorphins or something/or whatever." This is not exactly what was written but just trying to say the author constantly writing or something all the time. I guess unnecessary dim-witted characters especially when they don't need to be is not a trope I like. However having said all that I gave the books (4 in total) 5* 4* 4* 3* respectively. So I did actually like them despite my moaning 😅 I have also recently finished A Clash Of Kings. I did start quite straight away on the 3rd book so I wasn't losing where I was. I put it down for a while as I was not feeling it at one point but when I picked it back up I seemed to not want to stop reading. The only thing is the many POV and all the main and minor characters I find it difficult to keep up. I am currently reading Emma another book I have been reading for some time with the fact i lost it at one point and also The Lovliest Chocolate Shop In Paris again reading for a few months due to not been in the mood for it at one point. Thoroughly enjoying both though. Other than that in between those have read a lot of children's.
  8. Bookish New Year Resolutions

    I can honestly say I am enjoying reading them very much. My ratings for them this time are varied a couple 1 and 2 stars about 1 5 stars and the rest 3 and 4. I am on about the 12th story. What I like is not remembering how the stories go and end for most of them. Some I am sure I never even read first time round.
  9. The Last Film You Saw

    Alien 1979 Encanto 2021
  10. Bookish New Year Resolutions

    I have set myself a target of books read on GoodReads as I find it fun to do, but my main aim is to thoroughly enjoy what I read. So I will be choosing as carefully as I can. I am hoping to move into a new home this year which will take priority. I am currently making my way through GooseBumps series for nostalgia purposes so maybe finishing that
  11. Come read with me :)

    Hello and welcome, Lana
  12. The really weird thing about it was that although I knew, instantly, that something was wrong - very, very wrong, something sharp,something very serious; an insult to my entire body - I couldn't stop laughing. Laughing hysterically. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan
  13. Finished a goosebumps Let's Get Invisible not one of my favourites and Haunted Whitby by Alan Brooke. I have started on The Red Gloves & Other Stories by Catherine Fisher and going to start on The Lovliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan. I want to read a few spooky stories this month and look forward to reading more Christmassy reads from next month.
  14. With Or Without You by Carole Matthews