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  1. The really weird thing about it was that although I knew, instantly, that something was wrong - very, very wrong, something sharp,something very serious; an insult to my entire body - I couldn't stop laughing. Laughing hysterically. The Loveliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan
  2. Finished a goosebumps Let's Get Invisible not one of my favourites and Haunted Whitby by Alan Brooke. I have started on The Red Gloves & Other Stories by Catherine Fisher and going to start on The Lovliest Chocolate Shop In Paris by Jenny Colgan. I want to read a few spooky stories this month and look forward to reading more Christmassy reads from next month.
  3. With Or Without You by Carole Matthews
  4. The Lady Is A Vamp by Spice Girls
  5. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    I have acquired a handful of books recently. Three I have borrowed from a family member and the rest bought in the last week. The Girl In The Green Dress by Cath Staincliffe Cuckoo by Julia Crouch The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton Confessions of a Forty Something F##K Up by Alexandra Potter The Red Gloves & Other Stories by Catherine Fisher Cold Hearted by Serena Valentino Night Music Night JoJo Moyes Gangsta Granny by David Walliams Hope and Happiness in Bluebell Wood by Ali McNamara I am starting to get excited about reading again. According to my goodreads hadn't read for Over 8 weeks and most recent books read have been my nephews'. But as always I can add to my collections much faster and more easier than I can read them 😁
  6. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    I do hope you enjoy Three Wishes.
  7. What Are You Watching Now? - 2021

    Call The Midwife
  8. Your Book Activity - August 2021

    I am still reading Emma and Clash Of Kings. I haven't read anything for a few weeks so probably will take most of August to complete these. That and the fact I seem to have misplaced my book! Which is a bad habit I have 🙃
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    Hello and welcome
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    Hello and welcome
  11. I'm new and looking for some inspo

    Hi and welcome, gillian
  12. Your Book Activity - July 2021

    I have finished The Chocolate Lovers Diet by Carole Matthews. It was a fun read and a quick one too. I read it very soon after the first book as I loved that one so much and wanted to continue with the story. I found the start a little boring but as it got on it picked up. I wish I could have given it 5 stars like the first but with the beginning and the main character annoying me at times it was a good 4.
  13. 😊 You're My Number One by S Club 7
  14. Get Happy by Judy Garland