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  1. Books you can't finish

    If I don't like a book I abandon it way before the last 100 or 50 pages. I read it to the end no matter how much it bores me. I just try to finish it quickly to start a new, hopefully better one.
  2. What Are You Watching Now? - 2016

    Has anyone watched the ESC yesterday? Which song did you like best and what do you think of the winning-song? I really liked the Azerbaijans and the Armenien's song.
  3. Your Book Activity - May 2016

    Still no time to read. For 2 1/2 weeks I haven't even read a single page. I hate it.
  4. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    No time to read since last Saturday, I hate it
  5. What's Up In April 2016?

    OMG I really looove strawberries. Here in Germany the strawberry season begins at the end of June.
  6. Your Age?

    Why shouldn't young people read books too? I'm 16 and I've read books since I was able to.

    I usually use a piece of paper as a bookmark.I just don't understand why people spend their money on beautiful bookmarks. I don't efen see it when I put it into my book. So I go perfectly well with my little-piece-of-paper-method
  8. Ever cheated?

    Great idea :D
  9. How many books have you read this year?

    17 books so far
  10. Soo happy! Tomorrow we will go to Hamburg to see the musical "Love never dies". It's the 2nd part of "The phantom of the opera" and I hope I'll enjoy it :)

    1. woolf woolf

      woolf woolf

      It's a sort of sequel to TPotO? I saw the play in London four years ago.

    2. Athena


      I hope you have fun :)!

    3. LankaDivore


      @woolf yeah I think so.

      @Athena, I hope so too :)

  11. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    Already read 300 pages of Mystic city #1 by Theo Lawrence (2nd day of reading it ) I really looove it. I (actually) always love dystopian books and this one is one of one best books I've read this year so far
  12. What's Up In April 2016?

    Awww that's so cute, (I actually don't even like soccer, but that's cute)
  13. What's Up In April 2016?

    Imagine it looks kind of funny. Never heard of it so I have to google some pictures right know . But why should robots play soccer? Because they can?
  14. (Don't know if anyone already mentioned it but) I'm really looking forward to "Lady Midnight by Cassandra Claire." The book will be released in the end of May. I think the English version already is available. Has anyone read it so far? And I can't wait for the last book of Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series, "Opposition".
  15. What's Up In April 2016?

    Today we went to our local "beach" today for the first time this year. It was pretty cold, although we had 17℃ but there was a strong wind. Unfortunately we had no water today. This black muddy stuff you can see on the pictures below we call "Watt". (The quality is not that good since I took the pictures with my phone and I had to minimize the size)