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  1. Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill (includes SPOILERS)

    Have you ever read Only Ever Yours? If so I am interested to know you thoughts on the book. There are many strong themes in the novel which may cause controversy. I want to know your thoughts on 'The Father,' 'The eves' and the potential thirds they could be entered into (companion, concubine, chastity). At a glance it may not be clear the book is an example of feminism with the author Louise O'Neil a feminist herself. I am interested to see your thoughts on this. Another aspect of the novel which greatly intrigues me is what would happen to all of the eves after the book. What do you think would happen to those who have become companions and concubines? And also what would happen to freida? I would like to think that there would be an underground organistion planning to over throw the Father - however this then could take away from the book. The ending? What were your thoughts? I want to know all!