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  1. I'm just really in need of making this topic because I am reading this book right now and I'm obsessed. I won't say it's the best book I've ever read but at least it's top 5. So what I'm in desperate need of is somebody to discuss this book with because my feelings are taking over my mind!! What are your thoughts? Who do you ship with who? (If you don't ship Simon and Baz I'm afraid we won't be able to talk, I'm sorry.)


    The most important question though, what is the ship name for Simon and Baz/Basil/Basilton? I'm in desperate need to know so I can tweet it hahaha. :readingtwo:  :smile:

  2. In Sweden we start learning English in first/second grade and in sixth grade we got to choose from Spanish, German or France as our "B-language". I usually read books in English if that's the original language, which is pretty commonly. Otherwise, I of course read in Swedish and I've also read a book in Spanish (my B-language), "The Circle" or in Spanish, "El Círculo".

  3. I don't know if this thread already exists, but I would like to talk about what languages you all read in (when you don't read in English). Also if you have any book recommendations for different levels of knowledge.


    To speak for myself, I'm from Sweden and have Swedish as my mother tongue, but I've learned English since first grade, so I like to read a lot in English. But besides that, I've read a book in Spanish. It was called "El Círculo" (The Circle) and I had read it before in Swedish (Cirkeln).


    So, my first question is if anybody here knows a Spanish book that isn't all too difficult?

  4. Thumbs up!


    I think your voice definitely matches the song, I really like it. :) :) But I think the music is a little (too) loud sometimes. It's as loud as your voice and I think it would be good if your voice was a little louder than the music.

    Thank you very much! Yeah, I thought that too, but I'm not that into logic yet, so my mixing skills aren't the best haha :)