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  1. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

    I'm just really in need of making this topic because I am reading this book right now and I'm obsessed. I won't say it's the best book I've ever read but at least it's top 5. So what I'm in desperate need of is somebody to discuss this book with because my feelings are taking over my mind!! What are your thoughts? Who do you ship with who? (If you don't ship Simon and Baz I'm afraid we won't be able to talk, I'm sorry.) The most important question though, what is the ship name for Simon and Baz/Basil/Basilton? I'm in desperate need to know so I can tweet it hahaha.
  2. Never Ending Song Titles - Part 8

    Just hold on we're going home - Drake
  3. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    This month I've read Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen), a Swedish book called "Ondskan" (Jan Guillou), The World Set Free (H. G. Wells) and Carry On (Rainbow Rowell)
  4. What are you listening to?

    Midnight City - M83
  5. Rainbow Rowell

    I've just read Carry On and loved it, so now I've just begun reading Fangirl! Her characters are amazing, at least in Carry On. Love Baz!
  6. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

    Oh, okay! I tried to find an existing topic but couldn't find any, but then I guess the one about Rainbow Rowell will do! Thank you
  7. First Line of Current Book - 2016

    "I walk to the bus station by myself"- Carry on by Rainbow Rowell
  8. First Line of Current Book - 2016

    "The history of mankind is the history of the attainment of external power." - The World Set Free by H.G Wells
  9. How many books have you read this year?

    15 books so far, if you don't count with reading all the chapters in the physics book under the duration of two weeks.
  10. Never Ending Song Titles - Part 8

    Boulevard Of Broken Dreams - Green Day
  11. What's the weather like?

    The sky is grey and it's cloudy. Also, it's cold, but at least it isn't raining.
  12. Word Association

  13. Never Ending Song Titles - Part 8

    One last time Ariana Grande
  14. Your Age?

    I'm 15!
  15. Learning and Reading (in) Other Languages

    In Sweden we start learning English in first/second grade and in sixth grade we got to choose from Spanish, German or France as our "B-language". I usually read books in English if that's the original language, which is pretty commonly. Otherwise, I of course read in Swedish and I've also read a book in Spanish (my B-language), "The Circle" or in Spanish, "El Círculo".
  16. Learning and Reading (in) Other Languages

    I don't know if this thread already exists, but I would like to talk about what languages you all read in (when you don't read in English). Also if you have any book recommendations for different levels of knowledge. To speak for myself, I'm from Sweden and have Swedish as my mother tongue, but I've learned English since first grade, so I like to read a lot in English. But besides that, I've read a book in Spanish. It was called "El Círculo" (The Circle) and I had read it before in Swedish (Cirkeln). So, my first question is if anybody here knows a Spanish book that isn't all too difficult?
  17. Divergent / Insurgent / Allegiant - Veronica Roth

    Is it just me who really would have liked to see more of Uriah in the films? I love him in the books and I love the actor Keiynan Lonsdale, so it's kinda sad that he's just shown for a couple of times, I think...
  18. Narnia, Harry Potter, Alice's adventures in wonderland, the witches and Peter Pan
  19. Shadow Hunters - Mortal Instruments New Tv show

    Omg, who saw the last episode??? It was INTENSE!!! I really love this serie, almost equal to the books! I really think they've made the characters great, especially for Magnus, Alec, Izzy and Rahpael.
  20. The Last Film You Saw - 2016

    Allegiant! I'm a big fan of the Divergent series and the movie didn't disappoint me. Though I could've wished to see more of Uriah...
  21. What are you listening to?

    rEaR vIeW - Zayn
  22. Share your own music!

    I think it would be fun to get an opportunity for sharing and give/get feedback on "homemade" music! So feel free to share what you've made and I hope non-musicians also will have a fun time listening to amateur music production.