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  1. Need Book Suggestions

    Try 'A Glastonbury Romance' by John Cowper Powys; it will either be exactly the sort of thing you are seeking, or you will abandon it a few pages in!
  2. Personal Library

    My late Father in law once looked at my bookcases, and (as a non reader) gave me a sad smirk and asked 'When will you ever get around to reading all those?' I had to burst his balloon, by pointing out that the books on my shelves, were already read, and kept with the intention of re-reading at some future date. And of the books I read, only about a quarter of them actually made it onto those shelves; the rest were quietly 'retired' to the local Charity shop, or given to friends and family! I have always been, if not surrounded by books, at least within easy reach of a few hundred!
  3. I am male and have always been an avid reader, since I first discovered from my Mother, that those curious symbols on the breakfast cereal packet, actually meant something! I read anything that appeals to me, be it factual, fiction, biography/autobiography whatever. I have a large collection of 'real' books which was much larger at one time, but I had to do a cull for reasons of space in my small home! The past few years I have read my various ereaders, and always have a book 'on the go'. But in fairness, the majority of my male friends are not readers. They will happily read a two or three column(s) per page magazine, but cringe at the thought of a book! And one friend (bless!) who loves nothing more than films, claims he would never read fiction because 'it's all made up'. Like films, aren't, of course?
  4. What's your job?

    Happily retired now, but was an electronics engineer most of my working life. Also did a few years in the NHS as a Health Care Assistant.
  5. The Lord of the Rings

    Always open to a discussion on the book(s) if anyone else is?
  6. His Dark Materials controversy

    I too tried and failed, to be 'gripped' by the enthusiasm shown by its legions of fans for the first book, I actually got all three, expecting to be immersed in a fantastical world for many hours. I found it failed to interest me for a number of reasons, I have read the Narnia series, and as a non-christian myself, did not find them either offensive to non-believers, or particularly tub thumping on behalf of Christian believers; just a collection of stories that held my interest long enough to finish them. The Pullman trilogy, alas, went the way of most of my 'failed' reads, to the Charity shop, where maybe someone more open to being persuaded this was excellent reading, took them home and enjoyed them? Each to their own, and sadly, these were just 'not for me'!
  7. Someone just told me that Yul Brynner was a lifelong Liverpool supporter. Also he refused to wear aftershave ever. It's true, Yul never wore Cologne.
  8. Hello

    Hello Cath and good to 'know you'!
  9. Dune

    I read all six of Frank Herberts original Dune series years back, and have a soft spot for them. I saw the 1984 film by David LYnch, and while it was visually spectacular, it was very condensed (compared to the book). They did however, manage to cover the entire first book in one film. I watched the new film last week, and agree that people unfamiliar with the book(s) will be quite perplexed by it; especially as it only shows the first half of the first book!
  10. Lady Madonna - The Beatles
  11. Lady Jane - The Rolling Stones
  12. We had a wonderful Library, but owing to Council cuts/ mismanagement/ general idiocy, it was closed two years ago, and resited inside our local Council Building. The new one is a joke, crammed into a tiny annexe,where it previously filled a huge building and had many different sections,including a terriffic reading room,which was always very busy with students,researchers etc.
  13. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    Currently re-reading the 'A Horseman Riding By' trilogy by RF Delderfield. I have read most of his work, and find him an engrossing and very readable author. He seems to have slipped from the public consciousness in the past few years, yet his work is of such quality that many of his stories have been made into TV serial dramas, such as the 'Horseman' trilogy (although only the first book, and part of book two were filmed!) Diana, To Serve Them All My Days,Come Home Charlie and Face them etc. Mostly done by the BBC but the one that escaped to ITV was 'The Avenue Stories' two books chronicling the lives of ordinary folk in a London suburb, which was filmed and shown as 'People Like Us'. Absolutely wonderful stuff (IMO) and for me, knocks many more celebrated writers, into a cocked hat!