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  1. What's the weather like?

    It thundered here last night and spotted rain across the ground; only random drops though, not enough to wet anything. We all hoped the heat would break and give us relief; instead it increased as the potential 'storm' moved away!
  2. Best stream-of-consciousness novels

    I always found 'Ulysses' an easy read. It's 'Finnegans Wake' by James Joyce that is real challenge!
  3. Do You Mark Your Books?

    I was brough up to respect books too much,probably, so I never,ever mark them, bend corners or write in them! A bookmark for me is often a slip of scrap paper or a shop reciept,just slipped between the current pages. I actually own a few 'real' bookmarks that have been given to me over time,and i generally forget where I have them, or can't be bothered to look, so long as i have a slip of paper handy!
  4. What's the weather like?

    Strangely cooler than the past few days here, but incredibly humid. You could grab the air and wring it out!
  5. A poweful book, and a powerful film. Grimly 'kitchen sink' in aspect, it is like all 'working class' classics, so very true in its aims and aspirations.
  6. Greeting

    Welcome and good to know you!
  7. What's the weather like?

    Hot and humid here for the past few days. My garden triffids are like others mentioned,impervious to weed killers, so have to be forcibly ripped from the ground and ritually dismembered! I suffer occasionally from sciatica, and during an attack, am unable to crouch or stoop to do the job,so with weather like the recent heatwave, they have dominated my garden! But like others here, I will be triumphant. It just may take a while....
  8. Your thoughts to George Orwell 1984

    It impressed me when I first read it aged around twelve.Have re-read it a few times since, and although bits are dated, most of it is still powerful stuff!
  9. Euro 2020 (2021)

    Once again,as a total non-sportist, I have managed to avoid all the footie,the godawful tennis and some athletics event(s) over the past few months!
  10. The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
  11. The Limerick Game

    A bloke named David from Bangor Could wake up the dead with his snore Although he tried hard,
  12. Grading books in Goodreads

    I do not like awarding books on a 'star rating' myself. Like you, I enjoy most books that I read and find I am only occasionally disappointed.Certain authors have never failed to keep me entertained or engrossed; others,which many of my friends suggest as being 'excellent' leave me cold. I am 'long enough in the tooth' as it were to have no patience with something that is obviously not 'working' for me. In that event, I have set books aside;sometimes I have returned and tried again, mostly I do not bother. If a book fails to grab me or keep my interest, life is too short to worry,and there are far too many good books out there waiting to be discovered!
  13. Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

    That surprises me too! But I suppose, if it encourages anyone to read the story,where they may otherwise not look at the book, it is all to the good in a way!
  14. Things in books that annoy you

    It always annoys me, that in a lot of modern books, (and films/TV) the protagonist is in a sticky situation, and decides to call for help. Only to find that their mobile phone has no signal, or is out of battery! I suppose the older equivalent, was that they could never find a phone box, or that if they DID find one, it had been vandalised! A trope that can work, so long as it is not beaten to death with over-use. I am a great crime fiction reader, and it just crops up often enough to annoy me, which I know is my personal issue,and I can understand the writer using it as a valid point to increase the tension of the scenario, but nevertheless, it does grate after a while!
  15. Has anyone read The Murders in the Rue Morgue?

    Yes a shame. They also warned us youngsters off H.P.Lovecraft and M.R.James, who are respectively, the top writers of weird fiction and ghost stories!(IMO) Our school was staffed with ,in hindsight, poor staff. It was in the fifties,and WW2 had claimed some of the cream of the crop, leaving the shabby bunch we had to put up with. We had one good English teacher, who was able to encourage us in the right direction(s) as regards good reading and the classics, and I am always thankful for that!