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  1. Lady Madonna - The Beatles
  2. Lady Jane - The Rolling Stones
  3. We had a wonderful Library, but owing to Council cuts/ mismanagement/ general idiocy, it was closed two years ago, and resited inside our local Council Building. The new one is a joke, crammed into a tiny annexe,where it previously filled a huge building and had many different sections,including a terriffic reading room,which was always very busy with students,researchers etc.
  4. Your Book Activity - September 2021

    Currently re-reading the 'A Horseman Riding By' trilogy by RF Delderfield. I have read most of his work, and find him an engrossing and very readable author. He seems to have slipped from the public consciousness in the past few years, yet his work is of such quality that many of his stories have been made into TV serial dramas, such as the 'Horseman' trilogy (although only the first book, and part of book two were filmed!) Diana, To Serve Them All My Days,Come Home Charlie and Face them etc. Mostly done by the BBC but the one that escaped to ITV was 'The Avenue Stories' two books chronicling the lives of ordinary folk in a London suburb, which was filmed and shown as 'People Like Us'. Absolutely wonderful stuff (IMO) and for me, knocks many more celebrated writers, into a cocked hat!
  5. The Limerick Game

    Miss Penny who hailed from Kilkenny Had a beau named Sean McIlvenny.... When the two of them met,
  6. What's the weather like?

    Today dawned as dull as dull, almost darkness in fact! Lazy raindrops spattering the ground for a few seconds;then inexplicably stopping again!
  7. I will just sneak in and win again, for a bit....
  8. Something similar to Sharpe?

    Patrick O'Brian wrote the 'Aubrey/Maturin' series of books,which are naval tales, but very similar in tone to the Sharpe novels.There are twenty in the series, so if you like them,there is plenty to go at! They made a fil called 'The far side of the world' which did not do very well, but it was not actually based on any one book,although it used the characters from the novels. It was actually pieced together, using vital plot elements from three different books in the series!
  9. I like all of John Varley's books. Try the 'Gaia' Trilogy ( Titan,Wizrd,and Demon) and see what you think.
  10. Translated books

    I found this with 'The Good Soldier Svejk' by Jaroslav Hasek. I read the Cecil Parrot translation, as it was the only one available for many years. I loved the book anyway, but in the past few years a new translation has been published.It is allegedly closer to the authors prose, BUT.... I have tried the new one and to be honest, I am more comfortable with the 'original' translation that I first read. The 'new ' version is supposedly more earthy and contains references to bodily functions etc that were glossed over in the Parrot version. Whilst I appreciate that different people will like different translations for a number of reasons, I am content with the 'original' as it were.
  11. If you cannot find your dog, open the fridge door. He’s standing right behind you.
  12. Can I win for a short time then,until the next post arrives?