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  1. Reeling in the years - Steely Dan
  2. Hold Back The Night - Graham Parker
  3. Plot holes

    Plot holes seem to abound in everything if you look hard enough! I will pass on your Agatha Christie plots,as I have a lifelong aversion to her books since I was more or less forced to read a few of them as a yoof! I am convinced that she had no idea 'whodunnit' herself, and that she arrived at he denoument and simply went 'dip dip dip...' to select the killer and the motive!
  4. The Lord of the Rings

    Raven, like Madeleine I am not taking part in the group read, but will also make the occasional comment as you progress. I have read the book(s) many times and know them 'inside out' as it were, so I feel able to join in without 'joining in' as it were!
  5. Come read with me :)

    Hello Lana. Have a look around, read the forums and you will soon work out what goes where!
  6. Your first job

    I started my working life as an Apprentice Engineer at Rolls Royce Ltd, Based here in my home town, this was the aero-engines division, not the prestigeous car side of the company. I left after two years when I decided that I wanted to be a famous rock star/actor/ne-er do well and have never looked back!
  7. Christmas planning and chat

    Cards all sent in the post; local cards all delivered by hand;presents all wrapped and ready to go; food all planned and good to go; thats me sorted for another year. I am not a Christian, but wish Seasons Greetings to one and all, and hope you have an enjoyable time doing what you like best!
  8. The Last Film You Saw - 2021

    In the past couple of weeks I have seen (thanks to my digital streaming device!): 'No Time to Die' which I thought was okay, with a big surprise that I did not see coming(!), 'Last Night In Soho' which I enjoyed,although it has mixed reviews online, 'Red Notice' a fun crime romp with Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, plus the lovely Gal Gadot; and re-watched (for the nth time!) 'The Great Escape' and 'The One That Got Away' both POW excape films, and both 'true' stories,aside from the ludicrous capers in 'Great Escape' after the prisoners actually escape. A true story, up to the point of the escape; after that, pure hollywood hokum!
  9. Mama Weer All Crazy Now - Slade
  10. Best seafaring books

    I have read and enjoyed all of the Hornblower books, The Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin books, The Bolitho series and many others.
  11. BBC Series, Between the Covers

    I prefer the sky Arts one,which is one hour long and goes (a bit!) into more detail of the chosen books. But I agree that nay tv show that may encourage reading from otherwise non-readers or casual readers, is a good thing.
  12. Need Book Suggestions

    Try 'A Glastonbury Romance' by John Cowper Powys; it will either be exactly the sort of thing you are seeking, or you will abandon it a few pages in!
  13. Personal Library

    My late Father in law once looked at my bookcases, and (as a non reader) gave me a sad smirk and asked 'When will you ever get around to reading all those?' I had to burst his balloon, by pointing out that the books on my shelves, were already read, and kept with the intention of re-reading at some future date. And of the books I read, only about a quarter of them actually made it onto those shelves; the rest were quietly 'retired' to the local Charity shop, or given to friends and family! I have always been, if not surrounded by books, at least within easy reach of a few hundred!
  14. I am male and have always been an avid reader, since I first discovered from my Mother, that those curious symbols on the breakfast cereal packet, actually meant something! I read anything that appeals to me, be it factual, fiction, biography/autobiography whatever. I have a large collection of 'real' books which was much larger at one time, but I had to do a cull for reasons of space in my small home! The past few years I have read my various ereaders, and always have a book 'on the go'. But in fairness, the majority of my male friends are not readers. They will happily read a two or three column(s) per page magazine, but cringe at the thought of a book! And one friend (bless!) who loves nothing more than films, claims he would never read fiction because 'it's all made up'. Like films, aren't, of course?
  15. What's your job?

    Happily retired now, but was an electronics engineer most of my working life. Also did a few years in the NHS as a Health Care Assistant.