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  1. Favourite Author

    I have noticed that while some people prefer to stick to one authors books, or a particular series, there are others (like myself) who jump through different authors and are always on the look out for someone else to read. So my question is, Who is one author whose books you keep reading? I tend to favour, Stephen King, James Patterson and Jodi Piccoult. While over the years I have found a lot of others who I enjoy reading as well. Shelfy
  2. Favourite Author

    Started reading Sarah J Maas and Agatha Christie. Also Robert Gailbraith. All great. Shelfy
  3. What are you drinking just now?

    Downing a rather large glass of wine. Not feeling that good So curled up on the lounge. Hope everyone is having a great night/day. Shelfy
  4. Your Age?

    Been 25 for almost a month. Doesn't feel any different...I thought I would feel different.. Shelfy
  5. The Last Film You Saw - 2016

    A few weeks ago I went and saw the new Suicide squad. Awesome movie, love the way Harley Quinn was portrayed. Also been re watching the Harry Potter movies. It's amazing the way the characters change throughout the series. Shelfy
  6. Favourite Author

    Jane Austen is amazing. She's a fantastic author, also love the Bronte sisters. Have recently found a love for Anne Rice. Have only read one of Frank Herberts, he reminds me of Stephen King, I'm pretty sure he is where S.K got his ideas? Or was it the other way around? Shelfy
  7. The Sweet Smell of ... Books?

    In primary school I used to love book week, the chance to come to school dressed up as your favourite book character was awesome. Not only that though, walk into the library and there was table after table after table of new books. That new book smell was a massive draw in and went a long way to helping my love for reading and books in general. Shelfy
  8. Where do you prefer?

    So, I'm wondering where people prefer to buy from, Second hand book shops or big brand stores? In my experience second hand book shops tend to have a wider range on offer and are better if I am trying to find something older that the bigger shops don't have. What do you prefer? Shelfy
  9. Your Book Activity - June 2016

    I'm surprisingly really enjoying it! Not my usual genre. Sourcery is fantastic! Another series to read Shelfy
  10. Your Book Activity - June 2016

    Currently reading Eat Pray Love - By Elizabeth Gilbert and Sourcery - By Terry Pratchett. About halfway through both. Can now understand why my fiance loves Terry Pratchett's books. Shelfy
  11. Where do you prefer?

    I have recently made a promise that any books I buy that aren't ebooks have to be from series's that I already have some of. Any new series's that I start have to be just ebooks. Second hand book shops are very helpful with this. Shelfy
  12. What are you drinking just now?

    Good evening everyone, enjoying my second glass of red. Shelfy
  13. Your Age?

    I think it's more that half the people I work with are teenagers and younger and just prefer movies to books or just don't like reading. It's rare at work to find someone to talk to about books. Although saying this, my fiance loves reading, my little sister loves reading and so does my housemate. Ok...now I am babbling, time for a coffee...hopefully that made some sense... Shelfy
  14. Your Age?

    Oh wow. It is nice to see that the younger generation still enjoys reading though. I have a sister who turns 21 this year and she's like me...has her head buried in a book every chance she gets. Turning 25 this year. God time flies. I'll be 26 and married next year...well by the end of october anyway. Shelfy
  15. Attempting New Recipes

    Tonight I am a little bit proud of myself. I made my first attempt at cooking Lamb Shanks in the oven and also cooking Bread and butter pudding. Both turned out amazingly, An afternoon of work well spent. Incredibly proud, also a very happy well fed fiance, housemate and fiance's dad. So my question is, when have you attempted a brand new recipe, stories, good and bad, all welcome. Also, has anyone made these things before? Any tips to make them better next time, because guaranteed every time I cook something it is slightly different. Shelfy
  16. Your Age?

    Wow, after reading through some of the posts on this thread...it's amazing the varied ages on here! I didn't realize how young some of the people were...although that was 2008 I guess...Out of curiosity what's the youngest age now? (I'm 24 by the way) Shelfy
  17. Hii ^_^

    A fairly belated welcome to the forum Shelfy
  18. Hello from Cardiff, UK

    Hello, and welcome to the forum Corporate Christ Shelfy
  19. Not sure whether I have mentioned this or not...I read not so recently "Aushwitz" (I think that's how it's spelt) a very informative and amazing read while also being incredibly disturbing, horrifying and just very very sad. Shelfy
  20. Attempting New Recipes

    Hey everyone! My fiance's dad and his partner gave us a slow cooker as an engagement pressie. It's been in the house for about two weeks and tonight it finally got used for the first time. Only because I wanted to use it on a friday or saturday so I had time to play around. Made a very simple beef stew and was a massively big hit! I never realized how easy these kinds of things are! One very proud girl here tonight. Will have to make another attempt. Shelfy
  21. Your Book Activity - April 2016

    Hey all, I know it's been a long time between posts..Will kick myself later for it. Anyway, halfway into The last Juror by John Grisham and today I started reading Career of evil by Robert Galbraith which I have realised is the final book in a series...Oh well I've started it now, that will teach me to read the back of the book before I start reading the book itself. Shelfy
  22. So after doing a little NetFlix hunting this morning (when I should have been doing homework) I discovered that Netflix has a new show, based around the Mortal Instruments book series. I have watched the movie and was severely disappointed by it. This show however is fantastic. So good, even though it doesn't entirely stick to the books (like the movie) I don't really mind that it doesn't stick to the books. The show is on IMDB if you want to take a look and tell me what you think. Shelfy
  23. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

    I have read this and absolutely loved it! One of his best as far as I am concerned! Shelfy
  24. What's Up In March 2016?

    How is everyone? I am working my last shift tomorrow, until easter monday. Very much looking forward to some well earned time off. I have a chrysler show to go to this weekend, beginning friday and coming back monday afternoon. Monday morning we have two wedding venues to go and have a look at. On wednesday I get to try on wedding dresses! Shelfy
  25. Early Release Date?

    Hey all, I was just wandering through Big W and spotted something that threw me a bit. A copy of the new James Patterson Women's Murder Club book 15th Affair....I thought It wasn't to be released until may 2nd? With further checking, Target is selling it, Book Depository is selling it and so is QBD and Dymocks. Was there a mix up with the release date? Shelfy