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  1. Hi!

    Hi! How are you guys doing?
  2. I have the cover with kurt cobain on it just kidding but I really think it's stunning
  3. Hello

    Hi! I'm new too, nice to meet you madeline!
  4. Hi!

    Hi! My name is Amira and I love books a whole lot. I recently started a blog so I could spill my thoughts about the books I read in the form of reviews. I only started recently, but I try write at least an article a day. c: But I'm a little lost on what kind of book-related posts to write besides reviews (which I enjoy a great deal), upcoming releases and 'to be read' posts. What kind of book-related things would you guys like to read about on a book blog? Also, should I add a rating system? I've already figured one out but I personally don't know if people actually find this helpful. Anyway, I'm always open for a chat!