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  1. Started  raining around 5.30, nice soft summer rain at first but got heavier and heavier, had some thunder rolling around way off in the distance.  It stopped around 7.30 and is already drying out and pretty warm again.  It did get quite breezy last night and cooled down a bit.

  2.  I knew Ian Holm had been ill for quite a long time.  the original Hobbit!


     I didn't know about Carlos Ruiz Zafon, that's so tragic, I loved Shadow of the Wind and have a couple of the others in that series still to read.


    Lots of tributes to Dame Vera, she lived to a wonderful age and luckily kept her faculties too.

  3. Impostor by L J Ross - this is the first in a new series by the author of the DCI Ryan books. Dr Alex Gregory is a psychologist, based at a hospital in South London where he tries to counsel those who've perpetrated terrible crimes, and attempts to help them address their crimes and hopefully guide them towards a better life. His main patient is Cathy Jones, a woman who, due to Munchhausens' by proxy, has caused the deaths of two of her children. However she is convinced that she has done nothing wrong. Meanwhile, a murder in a quiet Irish village leads to him being called in to profile the killer of a young mother, and when another, this time older mother is murdered in similar circumstances, both Gregory and the local police are under pressure to find the murderer, fast. Alex feels helpless and also has his own past to try to deal with, and with hardly any evidence to go on, everyone is hoping for a breakthrough in the case. I enjoyed this, it was a well-written police thriller with an engaging character in Dr Gregory, although it wasn't difficult to guess the identity of his demon. A promising start to a new series (the 3rd book has just been published) and with a couple of mentions of "his friend Ryan", I'm sure a crossover story won't be too far away! 8/10

  4. Some unusual weather on Saturday - it was raining on one side, bright sunshine on the other, we were of course on the rainy side, it was windy as well which didn't help.  Then it cleared up for a bit, but rained again quite heavily around 5.30, and there was a bit of thunder as well. yesterday was better, cloudy but sunny too.  Managed to spend a lot of time in the garden thankfully.

  5. "Dark Sacred Night" by Michael Connelly - this is the first book in a new series in which Connelly's most famous detective, Harry Bosch, joins forces with Renee Ballard, at LAPD, Bosch is sort of in the wilderness and working for the much smaller San Fernando PD, but he asks Renee to help him with a cold case, the murder of runaway Daisy Carlton nine years earlier. he's never forgotten this lost girl, to the extent that her mum, Elizabeth, has been staying with him following drug rehab. In the meantime he also has to deal with gangsters, and a hit on himself! Although I thought this got off to a slightly slow, pedestrian start, the pace picked up halfway through and the rest was pretty much a page turner (even though the final showdown was slightly disappointing in that Renee goes in all on her own.....) but it was well-written and overall I enjoyed it. 7.5/10