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  1. Please help me find this military thriller!

    Thanks Little Pixie. That is the one!
  2. East Sussex - Winnie-The-Pooh by A. A. Milne

    How about “Sherlock Holmes - Gods of War” by James Lovegrove. The action takes place in 1913 when Holmes has retired from his "consulting detective" practice, but does involve him and Watson solving a murder. The action mainly takes place in East Sussex (Eastbourne, East Dean - where Holmes lives, and Alfriston).
  3. Can anyone help me to identify this military thriller? An anarchist takes over Russia and disbands state organisations, including the military. He also arranges the assassination of senior members of the US Government, including the President. The vice-president is seriously injured, but survives and takes charge. China decides to invade Siberia and a coalition of US and European countries are dispatched to Siberia to resist the invasion. Key people involved in the tale include two US privates: Semple and Andre, a female TV reporter and her hippy cameraman, and the US General in charge of the collation forces. Thanks.