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  1. Favourite horror book

    I would need to toss a coin between.......... "The house of leaves - Mark Z Danielewski" or "The Ceremonies - T.E.D. Klein"
  2. I'm an avid reader, mostly the ( Horror / Sci-Fi / Fantasy ) genre. And without a doubt my favourite book of all time is "Mark Richard - Fishboy" (A Ghost's Story). Please note...Not a ghost story, but a ghost's story...!!! You'll read nothing like it, its very hard to categorise. Richard can say in a sentence, what others say in a page - can say in a paragraph what others say in a chapter. If I've tempted you, and you give it a try, I would love to hear yer thoughts on it....Thanks.
  3. Help needed with dystopian titles

    The Bridge - Iain Banks. Lanark - Alasdair Grey. The Inverted World - Christopher Priest. The Affirmation - Christopher Priest. 4 good uns for ya.....!!!
  4. Horror book recommendations

    The House of Leaves. The Loney. American Morons. The Two Sam's. T50YS. The Beast of Gevaudan (Fact) The Hot Zone. (Fact) The Yellow Wallpaper Enjoy.
  5. Based on a True Story

    "The Hot Zone" - Sorry cant remember the author. Another fact based Ebola novel.......Very Good, Bloody scary.
  6. Charles Platt - The Gas. Previously banned a couple of times and in various country's. But Fun....!!!
  7. Most any book depicting animal cruelty.........l
  8. If you haven't already read em....I recommend. Ian M Banks - Feersum Endjinn. Jeff Noon - Vurt. Adam Roberts - Stone. Phillip K Dick - Maze of Death.
  9. The Scariest Character in Fiction

    The Shrike. From Dan Simmons - Hyperion Cantos.