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    Main hobbies are reading and writing. Also travelling - well when I get the time. Family - husband and two grown up children are great time consumers but I love them dearly. Lots of other things too.

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  1. The Uncommon Reader - Alan Bennett

    I've got this in audio, read by the author - loved it.
  2. Kindle and ebooks deals

    One Stolen Kiss - short stories, mixed genres by Anna Faversham Free worldwide until 19th April 2021
  3. Do You Mark Your Books?

    I'm like Hux. I stick a post-it note in the front of fiction with the page number and why. It's quite rare though. For non-fiction I do the same but might also pencil mark the exact spot.

    Googling it came up with Amazon having a first edition copy for over £700. Going straight to Amazon, they'd never heard of it, so Google it first. If you have a copy, you could be lucky.
  5. How to Read a Book

    I wish I had the time to read all the books, I'd like to. 'How to Read a Book' looked right up my street and it led me on to another 'How to be a Brit'. I read the sample and it's well worth a read to find out what others notice about the Brits.
  6. Kindle and ebooks deals

    Thanks for all these alerts.
  7. Long Time, No See.

    A big welcome to all you refugees! It's very friendly here and I'm sure you'll get to feel part of the forum soon.
  8. Long Time, No See.

    There's a few of us regular lurkers...
  9. The Book Club Forum Awards 2020!

    A Poem for Every Day of the Year - Edited by Allie Esiri I've got two of these books and they're great to dip into if you're busy. The introduction for 31st December starts by saying 'New Year's Eve is a time for parties and festivities, singing and dancing...' Huh! However, the last verse of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem contains the words 'Ring out the darkness of the land,' Maybe that's a good idea!
  10. Kindle and ebooks deals

    All the kindle books in my Dark Moon Series are 0.99p on Amazon until 6th January 2021. All set in Kent and the Isle of Wight. The one set on the Isle of Wight was the winner in the Best Historical Fiction category in the Bards and Sages 2018 eFestival of Words. I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe new year and I hope you'll love every book you choose to read!
  11. Thomas Hardy

    Far From the Madding Crowd was on TV not so long ago and I loved it, but still there were parts where I yearned for a better outcome. I guess the author was a man of his tough times.
  12. Word Association

  13. What Are You Watching Now? - 2020

    I've been wading my way through box sets and long series like my current one - Morse. It's yonks since I watched Morse and I always used to fall asleep before the ending so I never knew whodunnit, now, thanks to lockdown, I can find out the culprit.
  14. Hello!

    Yes, lockdown has given me more time for all things reading and writing but I could still do with more! Your books look interesting.
  15. Hello there! *Waves*

    Hi Katty, join the club - the club with a lot of people who probably can say the same as you - we have long tbr lists - I certainly have. During lockdown I made a little progress - I read two. And I love reading, I just don't get time. I do listen to books though. Anna